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How To Combine Tarot And Mediumship

source http://www.psychickarina.com/tarot/mediumship.html  

The first thing you need to do is connect with the client, and in doing so you connect with their energy to their deceased loved ones. Personally I find this easiest to do by just having a general chat and avoiding the Tarot cards for the first five minutes. This allows me time to sit in the Power and connect. How do you know if you have connected? As soon as you feel sympathetic to the client, as though you are under their skin (although you know nothing about them), you have connected. At this point, you have two options.

Option 1: Ask the client to shuffle the cards and place 5 cards in a row. Those cards contain a message from their loved one. This sort of Tarot spread is much more suited to a psychic reader, someone who can read deeper meaning into the cards than their face value. If you don't feel experienced enough to give this sort of reading, I suggest option 2.
Option 2: The mediumship reading. To perform this, ideally dim the lights and play soft music. Begin by choosing a card (significator 1) that represents the client and then one that represents the deceased (significator 2, this may be a card that triggers a specific memory about the deceased). Lay out as follows:

tarot mediumship spread

Cards 1 to 5: This confirms the connection. In some way, these cards should confirm that the client has connected with their loved one. It could contain indications of their previous employment, their relationship with the client or trigger some memory.
Cards 6 to 9: This offers a personal message from the Spirit to the client.
Cards 10 to 14: This contains important information for the client. It reveals their future, or if the client wanted to ask the deceased a question, the answer is contained in these cards.

This is a channeling reading which is designed to open a gateway to the other side. Once you have completed the reading, the client will be able to continue the conversation with their loved one.