Spreads List Two for Tarot Readings.


The "Archangel Raphael" Spread
The 7th Card Crosses the 6th Card as in the Celtic Cross. This is to show what is blocking the Healing process.
1: How you can Heal your Self.
2: How you can Heal others.
3: Guidance for your health.
4: Guidance for Healing your Self.
5: Guidance for Healing others.
6: What is currently Healing in your Self.
7: What is harming your health and this Healing.
8: What you can do about your health.
9: What will motivate you to be healthy.
The "Archangel Michael" Spread
The shape is meant to look like a sword. The 8th Card crosses the 1st Card. After many considerations to change this, I felt it was best to keep it there as that is the Card that can bring you right back to the 1st Card.
1: What you fear. (What is holding you back.)
2: Why you have this fear. (Why this is holding you back.)
3: How to overcome this fear. (How to overcome this blockage.)
4: How you are protected. (What is pushing you forward.)
5: What you need to be courageous about. (What you need to face head-on.)
6: How you can move forward fearlessly. (What your best action step is to overcome this blockage.)
7: What to focus on right now. (Your Purpose.)
8: What to watch out for that may cause you to re-develop this fear. (Obstacles that may cause a blockage.)
9: Next step to take. (Advice.)
Connect with Your Guardian Angel Spread
1. What is on your mind.
2. What is in your spiritual world.
3. What is in your heart.
4. What is in your physical world.
5. Message from your Guardian Angel.
Relationship Tarot Spread:
Card Number 1: You and what you are bringing to the relationship. This card provides you with information as to how the other person sees you and what you have to give. This card can also indicate what soul lesson you have to teach the other person.
Card Number 2: The other person and what they are bringing to the relationship. What they have to give you this includes the soul lessons they have to teach you as well as their ability to offer love and support.
Card Number 3: Your emotional future with this person. An important card! This card indicates whether or not you will be happy with this person and can also flag up any challenges you may face.
Card Number 4: Their emotional future with you. This card shows your potential to make your partner happy and what they are seeking from the relationship. Spend some time with this card as the card in this position can also give you valuable insight into whether they are carrying any baggage from a previous relationship or not. If a court card falls in this position pay extra attention as this could indicate an ex!
Card Number 5: The all-important potential card. The card in this position shows the potential for the relationship. Many readers see this card as the outcome card but I prefer to think of it as the soul lesson the two of you have come together to work gh.
Connect with Your Angels & Spirit Guides
Card #1: The main issue or area of your life that your Spirit Guides & Angels are helping you with right now
Card #2: What your Spirit Guides & Angels want you to know right now
Card #3: How you can connect more with your Spirit Guides & Angels