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1.) Do I have a spirit guide?
2.) How can I contact my spirit guide?
3.) Will I make contact with my spirit guide soon?
4.) Will we communicate mentally only?
5.) Have my spirit guide been with me always??
6.) Will my guide give me information about my work, home matters, and relationships?
7.) Can my guides teach me about other realities?
8.) Does my spirit guide appear in physical form?
9.) Final outcome?

Angels or Ancestors

There is evidence that all ancient cultures believed in some form of life after death. Possibly they prayed to their ancestors or some higher being. They had faith that someone or something, not present as a life form as we know it, would help them with whatever problems they faced. Ancient artifacts have shown that man has worshipped everything from the stars above to idols in the image of whatever deity they followed.

Their prayers or requests were answered (or not) by something other than a presence in human form. Some would probably call this entity God, angel or an ancestor. Could it be possible that what we call an angel could be an ancestor who is looking over us at all times? Those who believe in God say that God answers all prayers. This may be true but some say that God has angels who carry out his or her wishes. Each of us has witnessed unexplained phenomenon that not only baffles us but also leaves us in wonderment. It may happen as an incident that saves your life or saves you from bodily harm. For instance if you were about to step on a poisonous snake and something led you to look down before you took that step. Could that have been an angel or ancestor that somehow made you aware of the danger? You may have prayed to God to lead you out of danger but was it God that warned you that a deadly snake was present? At some point you may have wanted to cross a street or boulevard and something stopped you before you stepped off the curb. One step could have caused you to be injured by a vehicle that you never saw coming. Some people who almost became a victim of such a mishap may also say they felt a presence that would not let them take that step. What about the countless individuals who miss an airline flight that turns out to be an aviation disaster? Is it possible that his or her angel was putting obstacles in the way so that they would miss that ill-fated flight?

The mysteries of communications from entities other than a living being have baffled mankind from ancient times to the present. The explainable is often categorized into the saying that it was the work of God. Manybelieve that God is the overall presence but some of the duties are given to angels or ancestors. The next time that you avoid an unexplained mishap please pay homage to God, angels and your ancestors.