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The Skeleton Key Tarot Spread
a hoodoo spread to open locked gates, discover opportunities, and open the way.

This spread is rich is potential hoodoo symbolism.  Skeleton keys are talismans that open doors for you.  Keys are also associated with the crossroads, Hekate, Papa Legba (who is invoked to open the gates during ritual). A Skeleton Key is seen as an amulet to open the doors of opportunity and success, and lock out or repel negative energies.
1. The locked gate
What is it about the situation that has caused this obstacle or blockage?
Why can’t I move forward from this situation?
What am I not seeing?

2. Using my Skeleton Key
What do I need to do to let my issue go?
How do I open and move through this gate?
How do I resolve this issue?

3. Going through the gate
What lessons have I learned from this experience?
Which open road am I going to choose after I have gone through the gate?

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