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A HOODOO RETURN TO ME spell's purpose is to get your ex lover back. It focuses on them coming back without issues, eager to be with you, and fix up the relationship. It can also be known as a Reconciliation Spell. This popular hoodoo working focuses only on just getting them back. When there are a lot of complications i.e. distance away,how long it has been since the break-up, children, money issues, etc., it becomes harder to win them back. It may take longer and it may take other kinds of spells to fix other kinds of issues.

Return To Me spell can also increase feelings of attraction  towards you from your ex. This helps give them more of a drive and passion towards being with you in a successful relationship. Your ex will desire no one else other than you and you will not have to worry about them going anywhere anytime soon. Trust will be restored and your relationship will be even better than it was the first time around.
This is why I recommend doing divination prior to doing any kind of spell work.  Divination can give you much needed information to help guarantee the success of your hoodoo
Return to Me (Reconciliation) spell.  Using the information from a tarot reading, you can tailor a Return To Me Spell to suit your particular situation.

Top Four Tarot Cards to Look for in a Return to Me Tarot Spread
Judgement -- something being resurrected
6 of Cups -- indicates that people from the past will resurface
Temperance  -- healing of rifts, two things coming together and becoming one
Two of Cups -- could mean the development of a new relationship, or someone else becoming involved
Reconciliation (Return to Me) Tarot Spread
1. Past history of your relationship with the person.
2. Where you are now.
3. Where they are now.
4. How you really feel about reconciling
5. How they really feel about reconciling
6. Who or what opposes what you want.
7. Who or what can help you get what you want.
8. Something you may not know about the situation.
9. What do you need to do to reconcile?

The cards are laid out like a big X.

X-Lover Tarot Spread

Will I get back with My Ex-Lover? Tarot Spread

1. How the relationship used to be
2. What led to the end of the relationship
3. What was the significance of the relationship
4. Where the relationship currently stands
5. What I want from the relationship
6. What he wants from the relationship
7. What obstacles need to be overcome to renew the relationship
8. Is the relationship 'meant to be'
9. Where is the relationship headed in the near furture
10. The best course of action
Will My Ex-Lover Return?
Situation: Pull two cards
--What do I need to know about myself?
--What do I need to know about my ex-lover?
The Challenge: Pull two cards
What are the obstacles I need to overcome?
--What are tje obstacles my ex needs to overcome?
Advice: What do I need to do to get my ex to return?
Likely Outcome: Pull two cards
-- If I do spellwork
-- If I don't do spellwork.