Hoodoo Conjure

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First Card
This card represents your desires, wishes and dreams.
Second Card This card represents your feelings and emotions.
Third CardThis card represents your emotional challenges such as sadness, anxiety or fear.
Fourth Card This card represents the areas in your life where you feel discouraged or disappointed.
Fifth CardThis card represents the significant spiritual lessons and guidance you need in your present day life.
Sixth Card This card represents the areas in your life that require more attention and consideration. It also suggests a possible outcome if the course of action is followed.

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Psychology is the science of mind and body. Though it is only hundred year old but its roots are based in philosophy. To understand psychology of human mind and to make it observable and predictable it was separated from philosophy and logic. In recent times psychology has gained tremendous importance in the modern developed world. Its application ranges from clinical to market research, in every aspect it is important to know and understand the human behaviour pattern in order to take action and plan strategies. Application psychology still being in a nascent stage has now attracted the required attention.