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Path of the Ancestors
by Dark Inquisitor

1. Who are the ancestors participating in this reading ?
2. What is their relationship to you ?
3. How do they make their presence known ?
4. What is the wisdom you need to find ?
5. What is the wisdom they have to give?
6. Key to finding your path :
7. The reason this path is yours :
8. What is within you that this path must express ?
9. The Initiation :
10. The Dedication:
11. The Culmination :
12: A Blessing from the Ancestors:

The ancestors  are  your first line of defense against external forces that will try to disrupt your every day life activities. The ancestors also clear your path of negative karma  and will protect you when troubles come your way. By providing strength, attention, and respect to your ancestors, they will always assist you and guide you, even when everyone else may have abandoned you.