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 The Nation Sack Tarot Spread

A nation sack is a kind of mojo bag, used by only women to bind their mans nature to them. It is worn hidden away in the woman's clothing, hung around her neck.  It is kept out of sight of her man, who is supposed to never see it or touch it (if it is seen or touched by anyone, then the woman has to dispose of it and make a new one).  The nation sack is intended to keep a man faithful to a woman. In honor of the nation sack, I created this tarot spread to determine if your man is cheating on you, and what you need to do to keep him faithful.

First, I'd do simple yes/no divination with a pendulum. If the pendulum answers YES, then move on to a tarot spread. When performing the tarot reading, light a red candle dressed with Stay with Me Oil and pray to St. Martha to keep your man faithful to you. Fan the following tarot cards around the candle:

The King of Cups+The Queen of Cups + The Ace of Cups+ The Lovers

Get a lock of your lover's hair and twist it with a lock of your own in a clockwise direction nine times. Tie both ends with red thread. Place in the candle holder with the candle.

Now you have a selection of tarot spreads that you can do....

Is My Husband/Boyfriend/Lover Cheating?

Nature of the relationship?
Is the relationship in the past?
Is the relationship in the present?
Where the relationship is heading?
About the other person -- what are they like?
The nature of your man's relationship to the other person -- what hold do they have on your man?
Where is that relationship  going?
Your biggest worry.
Your man's biggest worry.
The other person's biggest worry.
What you need to remember and keep in mind.
What will happen in the end.

Ten Cards that might come up if your man is cheating on you.

--Ten of Swords
--Seven of Swords
--Three of Cups reversed
--Magician reversed
--Moon reversed
--Eight of Cups
--High Priestess reversed
--Judgement reversed

The Nation Sack Tarot Spread
1. What must I do to keep him faithful to me?
2. How do I get his respect?
3. How do I keep him honest with me?
4. How does he like to be challenged?
5. Suggestion on how to keep him on his toes.
6. How to take care of myself so that I am happy and he remains in love with me.

How to Keep Him Faithful:
Dress his photograph with oil that has been soaked for three days in rosemary leaves. Rosemary assures the dominance of the female in the relationship.
Put your menstrual blood in his food.
-- in his spaghetti
-- in a dish of kidney beans
-- in some cooked cabbage made and served on the new moon
To have him  think of ONLY you, take two separate photographs, one of you and one of him and sandwich them togetherwith faces against each other.

You may be interested in this Nation Sack Spell I found....http://www.spellsofmagic.com/spells/spiritual_spells/binding_spells/16374/page.html