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  1. How is my loved one doing?
  2. Anything my loved one wants to say to me.
  3. What’s it like on the other side?
  4. How can I best support you?

Life continues ON after death...Psychic readings are used everyday to gain information on the afterlife and on death and dying. A person has everything they need inside themselves to make the journey to the afterlife zone. Sometimes astral helpers will come and assist and show the tunnel of light which is the doorway to the celestial realm. The spirit being of higher vibration lives on. This tarot spread will help you know how your loved one is doing in their afterlife.

After death communication with our deceased loved ones can provide the ultimate form of emotional healing. Broken relationships and rifts between hearts can be healed and mended through afterlife contact. Many mourn the loss of a loved one who has passed deeper than ever when the relationship was fraught with difficulty or the deceased passed before amends could be made.

There is never a better time to mend a relationship than following the death of our loved ones. Never before have they been in the position of having their heart so wide open or their energy in such an expanded state. From their position in the afterlife, our deceased loved ones are in the perfect place to receive our loving energy and positive intentions and to forgive even what we may perceive to be unforgivable.