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magical lottery tarot spread

from "How to Use Tarot Spreads" by Sylvia Abraham.
lottery numbers spread -- a spread that predicts the lottery


This uses only the major arcana.



A. Is this a good day to buy a ticket on the lottery?
B. Obstacles to overcome?
C. Querent's mental attitude toward winning the lottery.
1 through 6: These cards will provide the numbers to play in the lottery.

Place one card face up in the A postion, another on B, and a third on C. If a card falls in a reversed position, read it that way. If the cards are negative, end the reading at this point and try another day. If the cards are positive, continue with the reading.

Then, in positions 1 through 6, place three cards in each position, face up. These are the lottery numbers. One card will remain; this will be read at the end of the session.

Pick up the three cards in position 1 and add the numbers of the cards together. Do not reduce the number values of any cards. If the total is over the limit of the lottery, stop the reading and try another day.

Example: Moon 18, Heirophant 5, and Justice 11. This amount is 34, which is within the range of the lottery.

Repeat with positions 2 through 6, adding each box separately. (It doesn't matter if these are upright or reversed.) These are your lottery numbers.

Next, turn over the last card to get the final message. The application of the final card is up to you. If it is a low numbered card- The Magician or High Priestess- you may wish to substitute it for one of the six numbers gained through adding the Major Arcana cards in the six piles of the reading. Because you have added the values of the numbers in these piles, it is impossible to play a 1 or 2 in the lottery simply using those numbers.

If the totals in each of the six positions are within lottery limits, go buy a ticket!