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The Key of Solomon Spread

source: http://sherry-savage.webs.com/solomonskey.htm

The legendary King Solomon was  his superior wisdom and creative solving tactics to the problems he faced. The King Solomon Tarot was designed to aid you make wise decisions for the perplexing situations in your life that demand satisfactory resolutions. Any time you need a sophisticated assessment of an issue in your life, this reading will take a look at a range of factors influencing you. 
Card 1: Self-The first position represents you in the reading, and shows how you see yourself and your ability to affect your circumstances. Though others may have their opinions and issues, this is how your perspective, and the way you’re letting it colour your decisions, is affecting the outcome of your questions.

Card 2: Situation-The second position represents the situation itself, and shows how your social network of friends, family members, acquaintances, and/or co-workers could be affecting the situation at this time. Depending on how you interact with others, you may support for your question, or people putting up obstacles in your path.

Card 3: Foundation-The third position refers to the foundation of your given situation. This could mean ideas, beliefs, or behaviours fro your past that are colouring events, or people and memories from your roots and background that become helpful or hindering at this time. Everything from your past forms your unique foundation.

Card 4: Blocks and Inhibitions-The fourth position refers to any blocks or inhibitions to your current circumstances. This could range from things you do to undermine your own progress to areas you could be in denial about the reality of this situation. You may get struck in these areas, and need to make some adjustments.

Card 5: Allies-The fifth position represents any allies you have in your life at this given time. These are any people who can be supportive, from friends and relatives to co-workers and even strangers. These people wish you well, but will also go out of their way to help you along.

Card 6: Enemies- The sixth position represents any enemies that may be working against your progress at this time. These may be people who are neutral toward you but still present obstacles, or people who are outright hostile to your ideas and plans. Some may be hidden, while others are out in the open.

Card 7: Near Future- The seventh position refers to the events of the near future. It can indicate which direction you’re likely to go given the energy around you at this time, and your current plans and ideas. It can all be changed if you follow the advice card in position eight, which can neutralize a negative outcome.

Card 8: Advice – The eight position represents the advice given by the cards, which advised you how you can achieve the best outcome for the situation. Most often, it will suggest a course of action that will bring events into harmony with the prevailing energies of the Universe. Whatever you want the Universe will help you achieve, within reason.



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