Hoodoo ConjureHoodoo Divination and the Tarot
a series of tarot spreads based on hoodoo concepts, workings, and themes.
Part of the Hoodoo Conjure Divination Series!
Hoodoo Conjure Psychic Readings
Hoodoo Tarot Spreads
Hoodoo Tarot Spreads
Am I Jinxed, Cursed, or Hexed? (A spread to determine if someone has placed a spell on you)

Know  Your Enemy Tarot Spread
Am I being gossiped about?
The Job Intervew Spread
The Binding Tarot Spread: Has someone put a binding spell on me?
Quick Spell Check Spread (A Spread to Perform Prior to Spell Work)
Court Case/Lawsuit Tarot Spread
The Keys of Solomon Tarot  Spread

The Crossroads Spread (2 spreads)
The Crossroads Ritual and Tarot Spread
The Skeleton Key
The Nation Sack Tarot Spreads + Spellwork!
Return to Me (Come To Me) Reconciliation Tarot Spreads

Magical Lottery Tarot Spread!
2 Abre Camino (Open Roads) Tarot Spreads
The Blockbuster Tarot Spread

Decision Spreads
Make the Right Decision
Which Job Should I Take?

Job, Employment and Occcupation Tarot Spreads
3 Card Job (Occupation) Spread
Which Job Should I Take?

Spirit and Ancestor Tarot Spreads
Connect with Your Angels and Spirits Tarot Spread
Elder of Fire Tarot Spread (An Ancestor Spread)
Path of the  Ancestors Spread (Communicating with your Ancestors)
Animal Guides --- Discovering your animal totems and guides
Contacting Spirit Guides Spread

Spirit Communication Tarot Spread
The Spirit Spread
Spirit Guide Spread
Channeled Afterlife Communication Spread
Tarot and Mediumship Spread
Photo Readings
Messages from the Dead
Spirit Visiting Spread
Dia De Los Muertos Spread
Message to a Deceased Loved One

The World Beyond
Loved One On the Other Side

General Spreads
Spiritual Guidace Tarot Card Reading (9 cards)
Spiritual Guidance Tarot Spread (5 cards)
The Psychological Tarot Spread

Love and Relationship Tarot Spreads
The Emotional Compatibility Tarot Spread (8 cards)
Compatibility Tarot Spread (10 cards)
The Relationship Spread (7 cards)

Will We Reunite? (Is It Too Late?)
Does He Love Me/Like Me?
Me and My Ex Spread
Soulmate Tarot Spread #1
Soulmate Tarot Spread #2
The Loving Cup