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Am I Being Gossiped Tarot Spread (a hoodoo tarot spread)

1. Am I being gossiped about?
2. Who might be talking about me?
3. What are they saying about me?
4. What should I do about it?

Cards to Look for in this reading.
The High Priestess Reversed: gossip, hidden agendas and issues going on under the surface. If this card shows up in the #4 position, demand to know the truth and prevent others from giving you the runaround and keeping secrets and other information from you.
Page of Swords: a tattletale, but they tend to think they know-it-all when they don’t. This can be a card about boasting, gossip and lying, either knowingly or unknowingly. If this card shows up in the #4 position, make sure that the gossip is actually being done, or is actually true before doing anything about it.
Ten of Swords Upright: often indicates betrayal, especially through gossip
4 of cups in the #4 position: Avoid the gossip, avoid backstabbing friends.
Queen of Swords: She has a tendency to gossip and spread rumors.

In card #4, this card might sugges what kind of hoodoo magic to perform.