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Besides Halloween this is a favorite spread of mine since I work heavily with those passed on as well as Ancestors. I cooked this up and it has worked good. Supposed to be in the shape of a cross which is commonly seen on the graves where food, and other offerings are left. In this holiday the dead are honored and remembered. Stories are told about them as well as their quirky points and good/funny memories. I just love it. Anyway..I figured since Halloween spreads are popping up why not have this one. :o)

Dia de los Muertos Spread
by Pandora MoonRaven


1. What Ancestor is contacting me now?
2. How is the Ancestor doing on the other side?
3. Who is this Ancestor with on the other side?
4. What favorite memory would this Ancestor like to share with me?
5. Is there a message the Ancestor would like to give me?
6. How does this Ancestor guide me in my everyday life?
7. How long will this Ancestor be my guide?
8. Is there anything the Ancestor wants from me?
9. What does this particular Ancestor want me to do to honor them on the day of the dead (give food offerings, blanket offerings, deliver messages to loved ones?)
10. How would this Ancestor like me to honor them throughout the year?