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Decision Spread #1

Make the right decision Tarot spread

You will have to repeat this spread for each choice and options you are looking into. Notice the positives and negatives and how the different choices are affecting your family, love, career and spiritual life.

Card 1: Lessons I will learn from making this choice

Card 2: Positives about this choice

Card 3: Negatives about this choice

Card 4: How this choice will affect me most

Card 5: Future location (where you will end up geographically) if making this choice

Card 6: Friends and potential love connections if I make this choice

Card 7: Spiritual growth if I make this choice

Card 8: Career goals achieved if I make this choice

Card 9: Family influences if I make this choice

Card 10+11+12: Final outcome if I make this choice

Compare the different choices before making them. Which one has the best result for you?