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Legend has it that you can make a deal with the devil if you go to a crossroads... at a particular time, do particular things.. He shows up and grants your request in trade for your soul.  Robert Johnson is purported to have done such a thing. So have a whole handful of other people.

This is to be done AT MIDNIGHT for 9 consecutive nights (traditionally) I have seen one place suggest 3  nights. If you pick a 3 night version, my thought is to perform the ritual and tarot spread around the three days of the full moon. I have also see one place suggest doing the ritual at 3 a.m. I guess this tarot spread and ritual are  not for the sleepy!

To summon The Black Man at the Crossroads (who is, exactly, The Black Man at the Crossroads?) take with you the following items: graveyard dirt, a picture of yourself, and something that represents a gift or talent that you desire. Then when you get the crossroads put the items in a box and bury the box in the dead center of the cross roads and wait. I have no answer as to what you should do if you cannot bury the box in the center of the crossroads....if anyone wants to let me know, please do! Traditionally, you would ask The Black Man for the gift of song. But, in essence. the point of the Crossroads Ritual is to ask for a gift. Or, in my opinon, either be given a gift or be told what your gift is.

Once you have buried the box, wait. On the stroke of midnight, perform divination. You can, of course, choose any method of divination you wish.

What is My Gift? Tarot Spread #1
1) You in relation to your gifts:
How you feel about sharing your gifts / talents
How well you are currently expressing them
2) Gifts you are already aware of:
Talents and abilities you are already expressing in your life
How do you feel about sharing these gifts? How well are you expressing them in your life right now?
3) What is blocking you:
What is holding you back from sharing your gifts – for example, fears, limiting beliefs, attitudes, past events
What you need to release or change in order to express your talents more freely
What is lacking in your life (This usually applies if the tarot card in this position is quite positive)
4) Gifts you are not aware of:
Special talents and abilities that you have not yet fully tapped into (you many have an inkling as to what these are, but you haven’t explored them yet)
Gifts you are aware of, but keep suppressed out of fear
5) What will help you share your gifts:
Action you can take
A particular perspective or way of thinking

Your Divine Gift. Tarot Spread #2
What is my divine gift in this lifetime?
How can I graciously share it?
To what eminence can I rise by sharing this divine gift?
What brightness does this gift provide?