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Compatibility Tarot Spread

Place the first group of cards on the upper left of your reading area. The first group of cards represents how you communicate.
a) is how you communicate,
b) is how s/he communicates and
c) is what dynamic you are likely to create at the minute.

Place the second group of cards on the upper right of your reading area. The second group of cards represents your actions and how you move in the world.
a) is you,
b) is him/her and
c) is how you would move together in the world… what impact you would have on people around you and how you would be perceived as a couple.

Place the third group of cards at the bottom of your reading area. The third group of cards is perhaps the most vital as it shows your ability to love completely. This group of cards can reveal issues on the heart chakra level.
a) your ability to love
b) his/her ability to love and
c) what sort of love dynamic you create as a couple. This card is at the bottom of the spread because it forms the foundation of the relationship.

Card #10 is placed in the center of the three groups of cards.
The central card shows a current theme and gives you a clue about the reason why you have been brought together at this point in time. Or, if you have been together for a while, what lesson you are working on as a couple right now.