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Blockbuster Tarot Spread
1. The essence of the block
2. Things which remain hidden or concealed about the block
3. Obstacles to removing your blocks
4. The heart: what does it long for?
5. The head: what does it think?
6. The spirit: what will help you spiritually progress past the block?
7. External pressures: how does life or people get in your way?
8. Old habits & negative thoughts
9. New thoughts: how you can change your thinking, how you can affirm your desires
10. Fears about your situation: because fears can be a huge hurdle
11. How to proceed

Blockbuster is a conjure formula that removes obstacles in your path.  There are also Blockbuster candles and sprinkling powders you can get from various suppliers. Blockbuster spells are in the Road Opening -- Unjinxing -- Uncrossing family of spells

A Blockbuster Spell or Tarot Reading is good when you are in need of clearing away obstacles. Blockbuster workings are ideal for creating new opportunities and opening fresh paths so you can move forward with your life. If you feel as though you simply can't make any progress, you have been down on your luck, your hearing no way more than you are hearing yes, or your current situation is leaving you feeling frustrated or discouraged, Blockbuster Tarot Reading can first help you identify what those block are; then a Blockbuster Spell can help rid yourself of those  blocks. Open new doors by clearing away any stumbling blocks that may be preventing you from success. Regardless of youg goals and desires -- if  it's romance, a new job or even a new life path -- a Blockbuster Tarot Reading can help you achieve success and prosperity by helping you clearly identify your obstacles. 
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