Hoodoo Conjure

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 Animal Oracle Reading
  1. The animal you need to embody.
  2. Why you need its help.
  3. What it can teach you.
  4. The truth about the situation ahead.
  5. How to work with the animal.

Animal Totem Spread


1. Why have you chosen to walk this path with me?
2. What have you taught me?
3. What are you to teach me as of yet?
4. What can you help me with now?
5. What message would you like to pass along to me?
6. What can I do to utilize the full power of my totem animal?  

Animal Journey Spread

This is from the Animal's Divine tarot deck. I don't take credit for making this spread.


Separate into suits and Major Arcana for each reading and pick from designated pile for each position.

Position 1- Major Arcana- The energy you must tap into to best deal with the problem. This card would shape the approach to dealing with or utilizing the helper cards.
Position 2- Wands- This spiritual aspect or animal helper
Position 3- Cups- Emotional aspect or animal helper
Position 4- Swords- Intellectual aspect or animal helper
Position 5- Pentacles- Practical aspect or animal helper