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2 Abre Camino (Open Roads) Tarot Spreads
2 spreads to help sort out and overcome obstacles. In hoodoo, Abre Camino spells are meant to clear out obstacles and open the roads of your life so that you have clear travel with nothing blocking or stopping you. The first one is pretty straightforward and basic, while the second one is much more extensive and should be used for more complicated and long lasting blockages.

For more information about Abre Camino herbs, spells and workings see my blog

Here's the first Abre Camino Tarot spread to tell you how to remove obstacles in your life

Position Meanings:
card 1 represents you or the person you are reading for
cards 2 & 3 help you define the obstacles or discover the source of them
cards 4 & 5 advise you on what you need to do to overcome them
cards 6 & 7  where you are headed
card 8 the result or outcome


the 4 card crosses the 2 card
the 5 card crosses the 3 card
the 8 card covers the 1 card
Here is the second, more extensive Open Roads Tarot Spread (Removing Obstacles)

Positiion Meanings:

1.   Where you are now at this moment
2.   Obstacle #1 blocking the flow of energy in your life
3.   Obstacle #2 blocking the flow of energy in your life
4.   Obstacle #3 blocking the flow of energy in your life
5.   How can you make the most of their education (or experiences)
6.   How can you build more stable, long-lasting, and trustworthy friendships (reduce relationship drama)
7.   How can you clear out negative energy in your  life that is preventing you from sending out and receiving love
8.   How can the you achieve a better family life and develop close and loving family relationships
9.   How can you seek out and make the best of career opportunities (remove blockages at work, get a new or better job, etc)
10. A weakness that may block you from achieving your goals
11.  A strength that may help you achieve your goals
12. A final message about how to open your roads!