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What Do Saints Tell Us?

By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez | Submitted On May 19, 2009

GOD expresses His love in many ways. Many of us hang on with saints and angels. It's a bit strange, but my encounters with the saints seem the best times in my life. Maybe, because I am often alone and curious.

Truly, we all pray, and get these novena's and recite them in the temple, home, or just anywhere, especially when we think, we want something and beg for something. Aside from reading the Bible and whispering the rosary to Mama Mary, and singing praises; we keep tight reading the special prayers for nine days. And miracles happen.

Miracles couldn't be explained by any dogma, neither science. On earth, miracles are visually impossible and nonexistent. However, faith tells us to believe what we couldn't grasp. Just look at Gods creations, and the beauty of our planet, the conception of babies.

The saints share to us how God seeks happiness and fulfillment in our daily encounters with life. They tell us the truth in the Bible and Jesus' words.

St. Therese promised to rain down a shower of roses, and manifested small miracles. I had her picture once in my bag and then when a robber tried to slash my bag, he slashed the picture of St Therese in the corner of my bag. My belongings were saved. But St Therese' head wasn't even broken, only her neck.

- St. Michael and the angels guards the house.
- St. Jude makes things possible for people.
- St. Anthony provides financial help.
- St. Jose Maria Escriva gives jobs.
- St. Expeditus expedites requests.
- St. Joseph watches the home.
- St. Benedict drives evil Spirits.
- St. Hannibal suffices the needs of the religious and the holy workers.

And many more saints... just like you. I believe that when someone has a pure heart and a longing to share, s/he becomes a bit of a saint. Other people will be inspired by such good examples.

Of course, we all come to that dark part of ourselves. Yet, the way we beg God raises us higher than this earthly life. True peace and humility in our hearts when in prayer, give us the power to move situations pulling each other, for good, and in the will of God in our lives.

I couldn't be better than anyone except that St Hannibal taught me the power of prayer. And as God says, "Pray without ceasing."

Pray therefore.

Saint Hannibal is the patron saint for priests, brothers, nuns, church workers, workers, children, and those who are devoted to work: vocation.

Rose Flores - Martinez
May 14, 2009

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