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The Struggles of Praying Everyday: 3 Ways to Boost Your Prayer Life

By John Ded | Submitted On December 13, 2010

Have you ever found it difficult to pray every single day? This is a struggle that almost everyone encounters throughout their lives. If you want to grow closer to God by praying every day, here are three ways to help you pray consistently.

1. Schedule It

One easy way to integrate prayer with your daily life is to set a specific time and place to do it each day. Put it on your calendar. Add it to your iPhone or Google Calendar reminder and treat it like any other appointment that you would make. This helps to make it a special thing to do and not just a thought or idea in the back of your mind.

2. Build It Into Your Routine

It's much easier to pray each day if it is not something foreign to your daily routine. In addition to adding it to your calendar, placing your prayer time in your day in such a way that it is part of your routine is a powerful step. This helps you to build a habit of praying each day.

Here is an example routine: Wake up, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work. Many people do this pretty much every single day. They rarely skip one of the steps. That is because they have built these steps into their routine and it has become a habit. The same thing can be done with prayer just by building it into your routine.

The same routine can be enhanced with prayer: Wake up, shower, get dressed, pray, eat breakfast, go to work. This helps to build the habit using the routine that you have already established.

3. The Buddy System

Finally, it is always helpful to be held accountable to someone else. In fact, they could probably use your help as well! So, find a friend and set a prayer goal. You don't necessarily have to pray together, though that is even more powerful. You just have to check in and make sure that the other is praying consistently.

These three methods are tried and true to help people of faith to pray each day. If you implement one of these tactics you will see a difference in your prayer life. If you implement all three, you will be praying every day for a long time. Think about adopting these practices and today could be the beginning of a better prayer life for you.

The Novena is one of my favorite forms of Catholic prayer and it helps you pray everyday for 9 days!

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