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The Rosary

By Rosalinda Flores-Martinez | Submitted On August 17, 2009

A Catholic emblem. The Rosary. The mysteries of Christ's life - joyful, sorrowful, glorious, and luminous. Different colors. Drives away evil spirits. Bed mate. Good luck. And more.

During first communions, the gift we usually receive is a set of prayer books and a rosary. I remember my mother gave me one. From then on I started to love rosaries and I had all sort of its design. I even beaded a green rosary for my grandmother. It was displayed in school, during a Home Economics exhibit. And then, I memorized every prayer in the prayer book except for the litany. My daughters are better, they know the litany by heart and had memorized even Novenas to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I got used to praying the rosary with the family before sleeping. Some nights, during Mama Marys home visitations; my grandmother, aunts, mother, and almost everyone gathered. I thought it was boring but my cousins and I endured praying together especially when everyone was present. Sometimes, when everyone got serious and quite sleepy, I changed the pitch of my voice making it sound soprano - quite thinner than their serious chants. After, the prayers I would be admonished. Male cousins couldn't do that they were proper in front of the adults. I did hilarious stuff for them. Those moments together were so happy and memorable. The controlled laughter, the earnest prayers and the love of Jesus that gathered us in faith and prayers gave awesome feelings.

Going college was more serious. Our house was an extension class. Laugh out loud! We have to behave well or else we will be getting demerits. When we prayed the rosary, it was like a church in the house. We were serious.

I slept with my rosary, scapular, and prayer books. They were bed mates. It was my security to drive away evil spirits and calm fears.

In the later years, when we slept I put rosaries around my two daughters. I find nights fun and free but spooky so I thought I should be armed. Reciting the four sets of mysteries everyday, or sometimes only one set - makes me remember that GOD is so close, and our Mother Mary, too. Let us always pray together.

The Rosary Guide:

The Rosary is composed of the Mysteries of Joy (Monday and Saturday), the Mysteries of Light (Thursday), the Mysteries of Sorrow (Tuesday and Friday), and the Mysteries of Glory (Wednesday and Sunday).

1. The Mysteries of Joy

1.1 The Anunciation of Mary Most Holy
1.2 The Visitation to Elizabeth
1.3 The Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem
1.4 The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple
1.5 The Finding of Jesus in the Temple

2. The Mysteries of Light

2.1 The Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan
2.2 The First Miracle Performed by Jesus at Cana
2.3 The Proclamation of God's Kingdom
2.4 The Transfiguration of Jesus on Mt. Tabor
2.5 The Institution of the Eucharist

3.The Mysteries of Sorrow

3.1 The Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
3.2 The Scourging of Jesus at the Pillar
3.3 The Crowning of Jesus with Thorns
3.4 The Suffering of Jesus as He Carried the Cross
3.5 The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus on Calvary

4.The Mysteries of Glory

4.1 The Resurrection of Jesus from Death
4.2 The Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven
4.3 The Descent of the Holy Spirit
4.4 The Assumption of Mary into Heaven
4.5 The Glory of all Saints with Mary as Queen

Rose Flores - Martinez, 11.20.2009

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