Hoodoo Conjure

Casting Hexes, Curses, Black Magic and Voodoo

copyright 2009 Talia Felix

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It's a problem encountered time and again: an inexperienced person, finding themselves with the need to cast black magic, makes an attempt to ask to more experienced pagans how to do so only to be turned away by fluffy-bunny new-agers ranting about "karma" and "the rule of three."

There is good news for those in the market to cast harmful black magic spells but still lacking the know-how. The fact is, not all magic is of a religious nature. Much traditional folk magic and witchcraft spells were devised for use outside of religion, particularly in areas where the mainstream churches disapproved of such practices. Indeed, in a world of free religious choice, there is no reason a person can't be allowed to perform "evil" black magic spells if they so desire.

The aspiring spellcaster made of strong stuff can still fight the fight and try to ask for first-hand information amongst the pagan community, hoping to find real spells. However, the type of person who requires revenge spells in the first place is often a person whose feelings are easily hurt; as such, the ill-treatment they receive from the people they go to for magickal help merely enhances their desire for such harmful magic. Quite counter-productive!

Those who wish to avoid judgments and scoldings, then, are advised to turn to the helpful world of occult books.

One of the latest spellbooks with real spells focused on the subject of harmful black magic is Death and Destruction: How to Cast Magic Spells for Vengeance, Harm, &c. It is designed with practitioners of modern hoodoo folk magic in mind. As a result, it does occasionally make references to Christianity and its beliefs, but does not particularly expect the reader to follow them. The spells tend toward religiously neutral witchcraft, and often make use of popular conjure formulas with names like Crossing Powder, Revenge Oil, Zula Zula, and Goofer Dust available from botanicas, candle stores and curio shops.

The following is an example of one of the more than forty real spells the book provides, used here with permission of the author:

To Ruin the Happiness of Your Spell-Target

Bottle or Jar
Paper with enemy's name written 9 times
Goofer Dust
Black Salt
Red Wine Vinegar

Begin by rubbing the name-paper thoroughly with Goofer Dust, while cursing your enemy. Shake off the paper, and place it into the jar.
Fill the jar a portion of the way with Black Salt, and say "__(name)__, this destroys your luck." Then top it off with the Red Wine Vinegar, and say, "__(name)__, this sours your fortune." Tightly cap the jar, and give it a thorough shaking: the contents will combine into a black sludge. Dispose of the jar in a graveyard.

The fact is that we live in a golden age for spellcasters. No more are magic spell books printed at the mercy of what a publisher imagines will be popular or acceptable to a mainstream pagan market. New print-on-demand technology has allowed many authors to release their spell books to the public. Death and Destruction is a shining example of this, and is sure to benefit those who purchase it.

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article source http://www.articlesbase.com/