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Building A Relationship With God Through Dialogue And Prayer

By Bethany Dillon | Submitted On February 17, 2013

People struggling to establish a connection with God might wonder the best way to reach out to Him. In fact, everybody differs when it comes to speaking to the Creator. Some people like to pray a lot; others prefer to meditate. Some individuals follow methods established by their religions and churches. Others, however, like to try their own methods when they reach out to God.

Religious leaders agree that one of the most common ways that individuals establish a connection to Him is through prayer. Prayers vary according to each religion. Some religions, such as Catholics, pray the Rosary or recite novenas and litanies as a way of talking to the Creator of the universe. They believe that the repetition and chants help them concentrate and focus their desires through their prayers.

Other churches, such as evangelicals, believe that prayers should be spontaneous or even said through the speaking in tongues. They do not recite composed prayers often, but rather let their train of thought lead them as they speak to Him. Many followers believe that their prayers are more effective and genuine in this manner.

For those who do not belong to a church or adhere to an organized religion, they may prefer to try other ways to reach the Lord. These individuals might try fasting and offering up their hunger and discomfort. They may also try meditating.

When people meditate, they often find an isolated and quiet place where they will not be distracted. Many individuals close their eyes and tune out the world. They may pay attention to their breathing and relax all of their muscles. Then they focus their thoughts on God and attempt to establish a connection with Him.

If they need guidance, people are encouraged to speak with religious leaders or people who are devout. Sometimes they need to hear words of wisdom and encouragement. Some individuals might be afraid of relinquishing control over their lives to the Creator. Many followers agree that believing and talking with God can be difficult. They are afraid of looking foolish and naive. However, devout believers argue that the rewards of building this connection outweigh the risks in this life.

Knowing how to have a dialogue with God can be a challenge for those new to prayer and believing. They might follow the advice of leaders in churches and religious organizations. Some individuals also feel more comfortable talking to the Lord in their own way.

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