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How To Break A Spell   by Jenifer Whitmire

 (submitted 2014-04-11)

Witchcraft is one of the oldest arts in the entire history of mankind and there are still so many people who are using this old art in order to put curses on their enemies. Now it is because of these spells that many people get harmed and do not know exactly what is attacking them. Now if one thinks that one of his enemies is trying to put a curse on him, then he should take a look at some of these methods that would be able to break a spell effectively.

Before attempting to break spells, it is important for one to first determine whether he is under one or not. If there are strange phenomenons that are happening to him or his loved ones that are out of the ordinary, then it is already a sign. He may ask a psychic if he would want to confirm.

The easiest method that one could use in order to protect himself from spells would be the magic mirror. Now the magic mirror is a simple spell that requires one to have a mirror. Al he has to do is put the mirror on top of a bowl of salt and to stick an item that comes from the magic attacker to the mirror.

Now there will be a big problem if the attacker is unknown by the victim. In this type of situation, the magic mirror is not going to be effective simply because it requires an item from the attacker. In this case, one may now switch to the puppet method instead.

Now this is actually like creating a voodoo doll but it is used as a defensive tool instead of an offensive one. Basically, one just has to construct a small doll that would represent himself and give the doll a command by writing it on a piece of paper. From there, he just has to pluck out one of his hairs and place it on the doll.

There is also another protective item that is known as the magical oil which protects from psychic or magic attacks. To make this, one would just need any type of oil, some patchouli, some lavender, a little bit of mugwort, and a little bit of hyssop. Once this has been done, one should know visualize himself being protected then he has to smell the aroma.

There is another thing called a protective amulet. This method is actually one of the most effective of all these spells but it does require the maker to have quite a bit of knowledge in the craft. One just has to get something like a piece of jewelry or something and just charm it using a spell.

Witchcraft is not just a product of literature but it is actually an actual art that may harm people. It is because of the malicious intent of some people that counter spells were created so that others could protect themselves. Of course if one would need to break a spell that is a little bit strong, then one would probably need to seek help.

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hoodoo conjure magick spell spells candle occult occultism witch witchcraft money prosperity rootwork