Hoodoo Conjure

Blessing and Cursing

copyright 2008 Reginald G  Johnson

The Benediction

You may have attended a church service where the minister pronounced a benediction or blessing at the end, e.g. "May God bless and keep you." Blessings and curses are prayers spoken over another person, place or thing. Most people don't believe these words actually mean or do anything, but in reality our words do confer blessing or cursing. These prayers are a compilation of precisely structured and arranged words. A benediction to bless can be poetic, artistic and very eloquently presented at special occasions such as at a bar mitzvah, a graduation ceremony or a wedding. A wicked incantation may be presented in tribal countries that use an evil form of voodoo to combat enemies. I am not saying that all tribal nations who practice voodoo intend harm to others. There is a such thing as good voodoo, witchcraft and spells that are beneficial. On the other hand, I have been in Christian prayer circles that placed a curse on another person because the words spoken violated their free will and asked God to bring about hardship or sickness that would make that person repent of their sins!

Blessing and cursing does not have to be a formal petition to God conducted during a ceremony or spoken directly over another person. It can be something as simple as an email. I'm referring to those nutty emails that have a wonderful blessing in them. Then as you scroll through, there is message such as, "if you don't send this to at least 5 people in 5 minutes, you will have bad luck for years." Let me remind you that a blessing should never threaten you with a curse. Those emails that curse you if you don't respond are the lowest form of spiritual bribery. They are a manipulative way to get you to do something by using fear tactics. Whenever you get one of those emails, just delete it. If you feel you must forward it, then at least cut and remove the curse before you send it. I have never responded to this type of email and I have had extremely good luck. I believe that a message or blessing in the Kingdom will always reach you when you need it.

A Formal Blessing

Speaking a blessing over someone was a common practice to the early Jewish people. They believed that when God blessed something, He gave it life, and when he cursed something, it died. However, a simple observation of someone or their situation is not an indication as to whether they have been cursed or blessed. When people have sickness or hardship, it does not mean they are cursed. By the same token, if someone is well and prosperous it does not mean that God has blessed or favored them. As you will read in chapter 10, experiencing difficult circumstances in life shows one of two things: that the person decided before incarnating to learn his or her lessons through difficulty, or that the person is not aware of the Law of Attraction and is manifesting by default.

You may be familiar with the story of Esau and Jacob in the 28th chapter of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible. They were twin brothers born only minutes apart to Isaac and Rebekah. The blessing of the birthright belonged to the firstborn, Esau, but Rebekah wanted her favorite son, Jacob, to have it. She devised a plan and disguised him as his older brother and sent him to his father with his favorite meal. Isaac was old and blind and didn't realize that he had blessed the wrong son until later when Esau came in expecting to receive the blessing. Even though it was gained by trickery, the blessing of the firstborn held power and came true.

Some blessings and curses may not be so consciously presented. They can be given without one even being aware of it. When you are talking about someone with another person and one of you says something like, "I hope it all works out well for her. She is a wonderful person, and I'd like to see her really prosper." Do you realize you just blessed that person without their knowledge? On the flip side of the coin, cursing can be done in the same manner while standing in checkout line at the grocery store or driving in traffic. I am not talking about using profanity, but about the cursing of others with words and thoughts that throws energetic slander and hatred towards them. Anytime you speak or wish evil, harm or ruin to another person, you are cursing them. Doesn't everyone have enough stress without sending these poison darts? But they have cursed me, you might defend. That's all the more reason to bless them. Jesus taught his disciples to bless those that curse you — even your enemies. Doing so transmutes the harmful energy to beneficial energy for both the receiver and the sender. That's powerful!

The Bible used to scare me half to death when I was a teenager because I knew that God's righteousness condemned sinners. I understood as humans we were under divine condemnation because each has rejected the revelation of God through salvation in Christ. So essentially, we were "cursed" if we were not under the umbrella of a fire insurance policy against going to Hell. It didn't help growing up in a strict Methodist environment and later to an A.M.E. Church. One associate minister used to get so passionate about his sermon delivery, I thought, "Oh my God, one day he's gonna have a heart attack if he keeps this up." Yes, he had a heart attack while I was sitting in the front row. I saw him pass out in the middle of his sermon. I sat there stunned because it just crossed my mind the week before and I did not "say" it aloud, only in my mind. Although I was not aware of the principles at the time, I felt some inner connection in what I said and what happened to Reverend Lewis. Were my words that powerful that I had cursed him? The heart attack did not kill him, thank God, but he left the church for a long time before preaching again. Needless to say, I left church in Washington, D.C. and moved to a galaxy far, far away – Los Angeles!

I was made the "official" spiritual advisor for a radio station in San Bernardino, California a few years ago. I visited the studio on occasion to answer a few questions from callers and sometimes in-studio guests. One of the show's hosts, a female disc jockey, asked me to "read" her on the air. I did so, as she requested. I made a comment about her having a baby. I had a hunch she did not believe me because she had surgery to prevent a baby from entering this world through the mother vehicle. I gave her a look of total confidence and said, "Although you are in your late 30's, and believe it is impossible, I know you will have a baby girl." She looked at me doubtfully, but tried to clothe herself with an air of confidence for benefit of the listening audience in what I was telling her. When I was leaving the studio, a Bible passage hit me hard, "…life and death are in the tongue." (Proverbs 18:2).

Last year I received a phone call from that same radio DJ who told me she was pregnant and having a baby girl and that she was in complete shock because it was "impossible" for her to get pregnant. Her child was waiting to be born and I "saw her" and spoke her into this reality with faith in the Higher Power who made everything there is.

Jesus Cursed a Fig Tree

Matthew 21:18-19; 20-22 and Mark 11:12-14; 20-25 says, in essence:
"And on the morrow, when they had come out of Bethany, he [Jesus] hungered. And seeing a fig tree afar off having leaves, he came, if perhaps he might find anything thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves; for it was not the season of figs. And he answered and said unto it, ‘No man [will] eat fruit from you from now on – for ever.' And his disciples heard it . . .And as they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away from the roots. And Peter calling to remembrance said unto him, ‘Rabbi, behold, the fig tree that you cursed is withered away'" (Mk. 11:12-14; 20-21).

The followers, or disciples of Christ understood the power of words and for their benefit, Jesus was always giving them a lesson. In the above-referenced passage, Christ did not "curse" the tree as an act of intolerance. As an Ascended Master and Son of God, he was hungry and told the tree so. He indicated that since the leaves came first without fruit, no one would ever eat from the tree again. His disciples listened carefully, hanging onto every word. Jesus demonstrated the power of words. Some people will judge this decision and think that the supernatural power of Christ was wasted on a vulgar demonstration before the disciples. However, Christ knew that he had (and we have) authority and dominion over all creation.

There are plenty of other stories about the life of Jesus that are undocumented that would fill large volumes if they were to be printed. Other manuscripts such as The Book of Thomas have been found that show even more mysteries of the secret doctrines of Christ. What we now call the scriptures contained in the Bible are only a part of what has been written about Jesus Christ. Many people do not realize that some accounts of his life were omitted from ancient texts by the Nicene Council for the purpose of regulating the Church and the government under one belief system during the reign of Constantine. In reading any text or hearing any message, be sure to listen to the voice of God within to be sure that what is being presented resonates with your spirit.

Binding and Loosing

I mention binding and loosing here because it has to do with blessing and cursing. I want to remind you that words spoken on earth, have an effect in other realms of the universe. In Matthew 16:19-20 Jesus said, "I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Binding (restraining and holding back) and loosing (allowing or setting free) may be applied to anything or anyone.

Having God and Goddess as our Divine parents, we are born with the power to invoke their assistance to bind all forces of darkness on earth, and in ourselves and others, as well as to set free or loosen captives. These are laws or commands that we may execute via our free will. We have the power to bless people and send the light of love to them physically and remotely as well as to curse them. In Wicca there is a statement of the same nature, "as above, so below." Whatever we bind or loose on earth is also bound or loosed in heaven. I believe binding and loosing also has to do with granting karmic grace as Jesus did when He forgave the sins of others. When we forgive, we set people free; many times ourselves as well as the offender.

I am always amazed that the multiple meanings attached to English words. In the case of binding and loosing these words can mean the same thing since they share similar meanings. Let me explain. Most people think of binding as the act of restraining or controlling something, and some may pray that the powers of evil be bound. Loosing is generally referred to as unwrapping, exposing or setting something free; such as releasing a bird from its cage. However, binding can also be used positively, to secure, wrap or embrace something good. With this principle, you could envision yourself being securely bound to love and kindness if you wish to attract those virtues to yourself. By the same token, the principle of loosing can mean to "divide or separate from." You could use the principle of loosing in this manner for removing or separating yourself from limiting or negative patterns of thinking. Binding and loosing is a simple matter of perspective.

 Words combined with love, wisdom and Divine inspiration are like apples of gold on trays of silver. Offered to a weary hearer, they become beautiful, living, hope-bearing morsels that nourish the soul. By the same token, when words are combined with hatred, jealously or selfish motives they are like the fig tree that was cursed and withered; they have the ability to bring death, discouragement and despair to the hearer. Which would you rather have spoken to you?

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