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Who is Archangel Raphael

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Raphael means "God Heals" derived from the Hebrew word "Rophe" which mean "medicine doctor" or "Rapach" which means "God heals the soul".

 Raphael's name appears in the Book of Enoch, part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. His role upon earth is described as one of the holy angels, who is over the spirit of men. In this book, Raphael is charged with the task to healing the earth of the mess made by some fallen angels and giants, binding and casting out demons and helping all children..saving the world from corruption.

Raphael is known as Israfel, the archangel who is destined to blow a large horn twice to signal Judgement Day.

Archangel Raphael not only heals but reveals...the true healing bodies that God created for us.

Raphaels healing often manifests instantly. He is just waiting for you to give him permission to perform his healing works.

 Sometimes Raphael will guide us to health-care providers and receive treatment from physicians or natural health practitioners.

Raphael helps with pain management by eliminating or reducing your pain from chronic or short term conditions, Helps with travel providing a smooth trip, gives hope and comfort for any reason while lifting the spirit and also heals pets! Archangel Raphael is a minister to animals healing injuries and illnesses in all types of creatures. Pet's respond quickly to Raphael for they have a pure and open heart and hold no ego.

Archangel Raphael is the patron saint of physicians, both traditional and alternative. If you feel called to one of these professions, call on Archangel Raphael to help which branch of healing you would most excel and enjoy in! Send Raphael's healing energy to others by visualizing them wrapped in a green emerald healing light. The other person must accept this energy for Raphael will NOT invade the person's free will. However, Raphael WILL STAY WITH THE PERSON which has beneficial effects on the person.

Raphael and Michael often work together to clear away fear and stress which affect physical health as well.

If you had an experience with Archangel Raphael, share it here with us at Exploring Angels. We love to hear how Archangel Raphael or any other Angel helps people.

the more we work with the angels, the more we trust that they are there for us!

I hope you enjoyed the summary on Archangel Raphael!

Sending you all Emerald green Healing Lights from Raphael! ACCEPT THEM!

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