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Archangels – Archangels Michael Gabriel and Zadkiel (Angels of Mercy)

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Who are the Angels of Mercy? The Angels of Mercy are Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Gabriel.

Expressing mercy is being compassionate with you and with others.  Compassion is gifting another with a smile, a kind gesture such as opening a door, listening with open ears. Giving from the heart without expectation of reward is an expression of mercy. It is possible to empathize with another instead of pity.

There are many situations, many experiences we cannot possibly understand without walking in the shoes of another. We can extend courtesy, respect and loving kindness to ourselves as we experience challenges along the journey called life.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael whose name means "He Who Is like God" is the patron Saint of soldiers, policeman and small children. Call upon Archangel Michael to clear negative lower energies from within and around you. Archangel Michael will go before you into any place clearing the way, cleansing and transforming any negativity that may be lingering.  Archangel Michael will protect you from negative thoughts and emotions of others towards you, you need only ask.  Be advised, you shall be in integrity with thy Self for thou shall not project unkind thoughts or ill-will towards thy Self or others.

Ask Archangel Michael to cleanse your office, desk space or cubicle, home and your car of lower, dirty energy. It is as simple or complicated as you choose. It is possible to ask Archangel Michael to go before you, cleansing your office before you arrive. If you remember to ask the moment your hand touches the door knob or push the office door open, it is soon enough for all cleansing is complete in the moment of the asking without delay.

Angels can be anywhere and everywhere in the same moment for there is no limitation of time or space; these are physical realm concepts.

Archangel Michael will assist all who ask. More specifically, Archangel Michael will assist you in defining your life's purpose; ease your transition through major life changes. Archangel Michael's energy is very masculine; a very fiery energy capable of severing negative etheric cords with his mighty sword.

Colors usually associated with Archangel Michael are deep green tourmaline and ruby red. During meditation, light candles of deep green, ruby red or white; focus upon the flame, clear your mind, speaking your request out loud. Or, if you choose, write out your request on a piece of paper, hold in it your hands during meditation, burning your request at the end of your meditation releasing your request into the Universe.  (Please observe proper safety precautions!)

Light Among the Shadows of Darkness – A message from Archangel Michael

Call upon me for protection, clearing away all lower negative energies from all places, situations. Call upon me for protection from lower negative energies projected from those around you. As a moth is drawn to the flame, so shall your light attract many moths. Many seek to illuminate their own spirits along their journey. Some seek to extinguish the light of the flame. Call upon me and my brethren beloved child, for the light of the Creator shall shine for the through all layers of darkness. Release that which does not belong to thee. Release the fear of being alone. Release the fear of being unloved. Release the fear of not having all you desire. Open thy heart, mind, body and Spirit to all that is before you. As the light within becomes brighter, know you will begin to vanish in the eyes of some, for they will not be able to see you. As the light within becomes stronger in its softness, know some will attempt to extinguish the Light of the Lord. Your faith, trust, inner strength, your knowing will be tested. Remain strong, vigilant, against the darkness of others. There are many over the ages who have sought to destroy, to conquer, attempting to extinguish the Divine Spark within each of you. Call upon me and my brethren, we shall protect and shield you from all that is not of love and light. Call upon me, I carry the sword of light mighty enough to clear away darkness and shadow. Call upon me and my brethren. 

 Archangel Zadkiel Angel of Divine Justice (Angel of Mercy)


Archangel Zadkiel whose name means "Righteousness of God" is an Angel of violet flame protection. Call upon him to assist you with legal matters, seeking Divine Justice for the highest and best good of all concerned. Do you have a sincere desire to effect change from within, manifesting in all areas of your life? Archangel Zadkiel will assist you with compassion, happiness, forgiveness and tolerance of the process.


Working with Archangel Zadkiel during meditations will create an inner shift at the cellular level, aligning your inner core essence with Divine Source, experiencing Oneness, that which you already are.  

Light a violet candle, focus on the candle flame. Imagine violet light all around you, wrapping you in a beautiful cocoon of protective violet light.   Call upon the Archangel to clear away negative thoughts, lack, doubt or fear of the unknown.

Archangel Zadkiel when asked will assist you in transforming thoughts of lack into thoughts of abundance and prosperity. Express sincere appreciation for where you are financially; continue to be responsible as you begin to release the old, making way for the new. 

Are there areas or past experiences you wish to release through forgiveness? Archangel Zadkiel will fill you with compassion and mercy as you release all that no longer serves you. Be kind and gentle, nurturing you as release all that has come before, clearing the path before you in ways yet imagined.

In all ways, in all areas of your life, he will guide you; provide a sense of serenity and comfort, encouraging your every step along the journey. 

A Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Divine Justice is filled with loving integrity. Divine Justice is unconditional surrender of all that is not of love and light. Divine Justice is graceful harmony. Divine Justice is seeking peaceful contentment within you. Divine Justice is stepping into the Light of the Creator, radiating love and light to all regardless of deed, regardless of worthiness. Divine Justice is simply be-ing the moment, allowing all too simply be. For in allowing all too simply be, you shine forth in the darkness, a beacon of light for all who choose a better way. Be a beacon for thy Self. Be a beacon for all to see. All is well this day.

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