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Working With the Gift of Prophecy

By Matthew Robert Payne | Submitted On December 07, 2007

Prophecy is alive and well today. It is available for the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit would love to bless you with the gift of prophecy. It is fun to work with the gift of prophecy. Truly it is more blessed to give then to receive.

The gift of prophecy is an amazing gift, actually it is three gifts in one. The Word of knowledge, the word of wisdom and the gift of prophecy. Having the ability to walk up to a stranger in the street in prophetic evangelism and prophesy over them is just something that has to be experienced.

Prophecy is a very encouraging gift to have. Bringing the very words of God, from His heart to a person's heart is a tremendous thing to be able to do. When we prophesy we communicate a special message form God to a person that He loves. God loves to speak to His people, but not all people, even Christians sadly have the ability to hear from Him.

A person with the gift of prophecy can bridge that gap. A person with the gift of prophecy can in real time, at the right time bring a profitable word in season to another person that encourages them and edifies them.

The Apostle Paul wished that all people had the gift of prophecy. He said that we should covet the gift of prophecy? Do you have the gift? Would you like it? I could pray for you to receive it by faith and be available for you to test it out on.

God knows all things. Last week I was sitting in church and God put a prophetic word on my heart for a lady at church. I got up and told her the prophecy and she was greatly blessed. Then five minutes later God put another prophetic word on my heart for a young married couple in my church and I was able to go and prophesy to them. Their prophecy included things about their upcoming year and things about their calling and what mantle God had placed on their life. This prophecy was a confirming prophecy in their life and brought them great joy like any confirmation to what God has already told you does to you.

With prophecy we need to be accountable. The people we prophesy to need to have an inner witness in their spirits that the prophecy is correct. We are also not to get personal with a prophecy and not add or take away from what the Lord says to our spirits but are faithfully to deliver it.

Sometimes the Lord might give us a vision or picture and a description of what that picture means and that becomes part of the prophecy. These pictures can be very powerful images to the hearer of the prophecy. It is important not only to get the picture right but also wait on the Lord for the explanation of what the picture means without using our won minds to try and work it out, which could do damage.

Having the gift of prophecy has made me a happy man. The joy I have brought to many people is hard to explain. The gift is a special gift and it blesses the giver as much as the person that receives it. Jesus said it was more blessed to give then to receive and when we are talking about the gift of prophecy I can't agree more strongly.

Do you want the gift? I encourage you to visit our website.

Matthew Robert Payne is the author of four Christian books as of July 2013 which can be found on Amazon or read for free at http://www.matthewrobertpayneministries.net.

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