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Trance Mediumship Explained

By Sarah Saxon | Submitted On June 29, 2011

Trance mediumship is defined differently to general mediumship, and there are many people who claim to have mastered the skill. This is the energy of a spirit communicator into a psychic medium. For a long time, this has been misunderstood greatly. There are several mediums who regard themselves as trance channels while in actual sense they are not in a trance condition.

How trance mediumship works

When a medium connects with the spirit entity, and gets into a trance state, the medium is overshadowed by the communicator. Their communication will be different in rating tone and vocabulary. At this point, even the trance control differs in degrees from light to deep. Extensive research has been done on this language demonstrated by those in trance mode which is often a reversal of sentence structure and a broken speech pattern with an overall grammar change and usage.

When one is in a trance state, they are sharing consciousness between the medium and the communicator. This condition is normally exhibited by a slowing of the heart rate as the medium gets deeper into the moment. Here a deep, slow yet steady breathing pattern is manifested. However one may think the medium is asleep without regular eye movement. A drop in the body temperature may also happen with a reduced response to pain and touch, with different levels of consciousness degrees noted.

Mediumship body control

The mediums spirit never leaves the body and is not completely controlled by the communicator; it is a form of sharing. The level of control between them is determined by how deep rooted the trance is and the strength of the physical and mental energies that are available to the operator and spirit communicator.

If a psychic medium desires to perform trance mediumship then they will need to have a helper, who can ensure they are safe and that they actually come out of the trance at the end. The people invited to a trance mediumship session must communicate coherently. To develop the skill, one must be open minded and the medium is required to sit in a circle, once to twice a week with people who are knowledgeable and can be counted on and are open to the other world. Mediumship trainers differ; some will want to do group trainings while still others will want to train individuals.

For one to expand their mental capabilities, they would need to train in kriya yoga skills. By bending the head closer to the heart, massage skills help to align ones body to different psychic energies. Inspiring mediation helps open and develop the trance skills. One keeps the eyes focused while overlooking the horizon. Keeping the eyes closed also helps one focus on the third eye while rolling shoulders together is great for warm ups.

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