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Prayers for the Opening and Closing of a Spiritualist Open  Circle

source http://www.spiritualize.net/content/view/1017/2/

PRAYER. For The Opening of the Service.

I have used these prayers in many different forms over the years - please take them and adapt for your own use. Stella

Lord of the universe, God of the stars,

Creator of the seen and unseen.

We are gathering here in this church to hear Your word.

Give us the help we need,

To open our ears, both physical and spiritual,

So we may grow nearer to Your heart.

In joining ourselves together here,

We add our love to Yours

And that of the guides and helpers,

To work towards Your greater good.

We pray for both ourselves and for other people,

Who may be in more need than we can ever know.

For only You can see into mankind’s hearts.

Show us that in Your sight we,

And ALL our fellow travellers on the path of existence,

Are equally loved.

Help us to help others,

And to learn by experience,

That in so doing,

We selflessly aid our own progression.

Knowing that in Your sight there is no chaos,

Only order reigns in Your universe,

And whether we understand or not,

It is all in Your great design.

Guide the Angels into all our hearts,

So they may continue to lead us out of the darkness.

Give us the courage Lord,

To ‘fight the good fight.’

So that in the ‘hereafter’ we may stand unashamed before You

And face the future that

We have chosen for ourselves.

Knowing it is YOUR will that we progress,

Each and every one of us.

Now we give this service into your kind care and keeping.


PRAYER for the closing of the service.

Lord, we thank you for your guidance,

And help throughout this service,

For teaching us,

For leading us,

For providing for us.

We thank You for the opportunity

To show others Your abiding light,

Your infinite goodness,

Your unlimited patience.

May all your creatures rest easy this night,

In the love and knowledge

That peace and tranquillity

Are your blessings

And they are all loved by You.

In refreshing us in our sleep,

If it is your desire

That we shall wake again in the new day,

Please uplift our hearts, and fill us with love,

So we may shine out,

And draw others

Towards the way of truth and light

In Your Holy Name Lord.