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If  you are interested in using tarot for communicating with spirits and ancestors, you may  be interested in hoodoo-conjure.com's selection of spirit communication tarot spreads:

Spirit and Ancestor Tarot Spreads
Connect with Your Angels and Spirits Tarot Spread
Elder of Fire Tarot Spread (An Ancestor Spread)
Path of the  Ancestors Spread (Communicating with your Ancestors)
Animal Guides --- Discovering your animal totems and guides
Contacting Spirit Guides Spread
Spirit Communication Tarot Spread
The Spirit Spread
Spirit Guide Spread
Channeled Afterlife Communication Spread
Tarot and Mediumship Spread
Photo Readings
Messages from the Dead
Spirit Visiting Spread
Dia De Los Muertos Spread
Message to a Deceased Loved One


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Hoodoo is an old and very American tradition of magic. It is also known as conjure. At www.hoodoo-conjure.com you will find Hoodoo spells for Love, Protection, Money and more. You will also find informative articles and resources.

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Photo Readings

questions to answer about the photo:

1 was this person a kind man/woman
2 what they loved/hated/feared
3 what they ade of this life
4 work
5 health
6 beliefs/hobbies/talents
7 lessons learn or brought from past life

 seven card spread 

1 Tell me about the personality of this person
2 What were their loves/hates and fears
3 (not sure what your point 3 is)
4 What type of work did they do
5 Tell me about their health
6 What were their beliefs or hobbies or talents
7 lessons learnt or brought from past life

3 card tarot photo reading

For a three "card" draw:

My suggestion is to look at the photo and pick one element--say a hat or scarf--then write a note.
Card number one is past or starting point and is the key to the past.

Use the deck you are most comfortable with to act as a second point and then draw one card. Card number two is opening the lock.

For me, I would write any parallels or contrasts and a keyword like hat.

Then number three is the keyword discovery--look for something you didn't know. Through google, library searches, talking with a relative, what about the hat, scarf, person of that age or time? If all you have is a name, do a name search or write why was the name chosen or what could this mean? A casual thing like being named ___ can tell one what was popular at the time--a king or queen or singer or actor with the same name at the same time might yield something interesting.

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