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Talking to the Dead - An Ouija Board Guide and Instruction Manual

By Jacques Groenewald | Submitted On November 13, 2008

Ouija Boards have been around for centuries but became popular amongst mostly teenagers.

The game consists of:

1. A Ouija board with symbols, letters and actions.
2. A Planchette (Otherwise known as a pointer)
3. The Players / Participants
4. Instruction manual
5. Summoning a spirit
6. Asking the spirit questions which the spirit answers by moving the planchette.
7. Dismissing the spirit

Now all this sounds really simple and that is exactly what it is...SIMPLE! It's a fun game that everyone can play and even though we all have heard the hype about how evil and dangerous it is, it's not.

Now a quick guide to this mysterious game:

1. The more people the better. The Ouija board serves a telephone between us and the other dimension. Therefore it needs energy so a good idea would be to have more than one player playing.

2. Create a nice ambient atmosphere by maybe lighting a candle and some incense. Dimming the lights will be ideal for your session

3. Now all participants place their fingers lightly on the Ouija board planchette. Slowly start moving the planchette in circles and ask the question: "Is there any spirits who wish to communicate with us through the Ouija board?" Soon the planchette will start taking it's own direction.

4. Start off by asking questions that are simple for the spirit to answer. Start with yes and no questions so that the spirit can build up it's energy reserve.

5. Respect the spirit but don't be scared. If you wish to chat to your friend in the session and feel that you want to laugh, go for it! This is actually to your advantage as friendly spirits are more attracted to this type of atmosphere.

6. Dismiss the spirit by thanking the spirit when the session comes to an end. This will ensure a bond for future sessions with your Ouija board. Simply move the planchette to good-bye when completing the session.

7. I have found that after a long session with a spirit my energy sources are somewhat drained but it can be replenished by drinking a glass of juice or have something small to eat.

This is a fairly concise guide to using a Ouija board and I firmly believe by following the instructions given above will equal in the best results possible.

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