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 For a Development Circle: Opening Prayer and Meditation of the Chakras (text meditation)


source: http://www.spiritualistresources.com/cgi-bin/meditations/index.pl?read=4

The following is an opening prayer and a meditation inspired by my Guides for our Friendship Circle:

Opening Prayer:

O Great Spirit who art the perfection of love and harmony, and of all the things that you have created, who watches over the whole Universe and our beautiful blue planet Earth, open our hearts that we may hear your voice, which constantly comes from within us to show us the way of your will, for our progress with our loving helpers whom you have assigned to us. [Beginners: Notice that Love is invoked at the very beginning of the Circle in order to direct the Circle in the right direction. Also notice the request to open our hearts]

Disclose to us Thy Divine Light which is part of us, hidden in our soul, that we may know and understand our lives better.

Teach us thy loving forgiveness, raise us up above the differences which divide humanity. Help us to treat all people equally, and to embrace life to be of freedom, truth and love.

Send us thy Peace, O Thy Divine Spirit, and help us to be perfect in Thy sight.

We ask that this gathering be protected by your loving emissaries as they help us work to receive the gifts of Spirit. Amen. [Beginners: Notice the request for protection during the Circle]

Meditation of the Chakras:

We start with your Base Chakra, the red root chakra that represents Earth, and the inner power which helps you to fully accept life here on Earth. It's where your survival instincts are derived and where your power to achieve your goals is. It gives you vitality, satisfaction, material security, stability, primal trust, stillness and courage. It makes you safe and secure. And you are able to say "I HAVE".

The Orange Chakra, the Sacral, gives you primal feelings. The Sacral works with your desires and pleasures, your enthusiasm and union relationships, openness with Nature and all living things, and gives you your personal creativity. And you are able to say "I FEEL".

The Yellow Chakra is your personal power, your soul chakra, your own social identity, your self-control, your energy, your will, your peace within, your radiance and joy, your inner harmony, your acceptance of yourself, your strength and vitality. You can say "I CAN".

The Green Heart Chakra allows you to give unconditionally your divine love from within. You are able to achieve harmony, foregiveness, healing and compassion, understanding, transformation, warmth and sharing, sincerity, devotion and selflessness. With this chakra you can say "I LOVE".

The Blue Throat Chakra a enables you to be free and creative. It gives you inspiration, confidence, integrity, wisdom, communication and independence, and access to the most subtle levels of your being. With this chakra you can say "I SPEAK".

The Spiritual Eye Chakra, of indigo blue in color, is your inner vision, your insight, your clairvoyance, your imagination, your extra-sensory perception, your concentration and idealism, your peace of mind, your direction of your own will. With this chakra you can say "I SEE".

The Crown Chakra, of a delicate mauve lilac color, is the power of your perfection, your unity with God, the divine wisdom and consciousness. You can achieve bliss, understanding and enlightenment. You can say "I KNOW".

With all these godly gifts that are bestowed within us to help us on our earthly journey, we say we are grateful to realize that these chakras are part of our spiritual and physical being.

And we are able to say "I HAVE... I FEEL... I CAN... I LOVE... I SPEAK... I SEE... I KNOW. And I am grateful that God has prepared us so well.

[Note: By this time, the group should be in a very nice altered state and really able to attune to Spirit.]