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Hoodoo is an old and very American tradition of magic. It is also known as conjure. At www.hoodoo-conjure.com you will find Hoodoo spells for Love, Protection, Money and more. You will also find informative articles and resources.

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Konxari (pronounced kon-zar-ee) is a deck of 88 cards used as a supplement to communicate with those who have passed on, yet seem to walk among us. There are six sensory cards, eight character cards, fifteen location cards, eight victim cards, ten time cards, nine obstacle cards, six equipment cards, twelve energy cards, and fifteen message cards. To add further complexity to the system each card also has either a letter or number in one corner and either a color or symbol in the other.

They are a new spirit-focused divination deck. An updated version of the popular ouija board, these cards use evocative photographs, words, and symbols to give you many ways to connect with spirits.

 The set is perfect for ghost hunting, séances, or any kind of spirit communication you desire. While the use of Konxari Cards could never harm you, the supernatural should never be taken lightly. Be respectful of the practice and the souls you encounter may be more beneficial than you realize. Perhaps you can help them. Perhaps they can help you. 


The idea is a simple one. The reader (the person using the cards) will deal out a number of cards in a certain way, discard a small number of the dealt cards as an offering to the dead, and then slowly turn the remaining cards over interpreting the specific cards, their meanings, and their over all importance in the spread. The cards revealed are suppose to answer the questions of Who, What, Where, When, Why, How, The Problem, and The Solution.

Take the deck with you to a spooky location, shuffle the cards, and deal them out, and then let spirits relay messages to you through the cards.

Have you ever wanted to use tarot cards to communicate with passed loved ones? Let's go to the Other Side with tarot to learn how to connect with those we have loved & lost.


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