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Hoodoo is an old and very American tradition of magic. It is also known as conjure. At www.hoodoo-conjure.com
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Spirit and Ancestor Tarot Spreads:
Connect with Your Angels and Spirits Tarot Spread
Elder of Fire Tarot Spread (An Ancestor Spread)
Path of the  Ancestors Spread (Communicating with your Ancestors)
Animal Guides --- Discovering your animal totems and guides
Contacting Spirit Guides Spread

Spirit Communication Tarot Spread
The Spirit Spread
Spirit Guide Spread
Channeled Afterlife Communication Spread
Tarot and Mediumship Spread
Photo Readings
Messages from the Dead
Spirit Visiting Spread
Dia De Los Muertos Spread
Message to a Deceased Loved One

Loved One on the Other Side
The World Beyond
Loved One On the Other Side


Contact a Deceased Loved One

Spiritualism in Hoodoo

Spiritualism is a recent religious movement based on the belief that departed souls can interact with the living. Spiritualists seek to make contact with the dead, usually through the assistance of a medium, a person believed to have the ability to contact spirits directly. Some mediums work in a trancelike state, and some claim to be the catalyst for various paranormal physical phenomena (including the materializing or moving of objects) through which the spirits announced their presence.

It is a belief that the spirits of dead people can communicate with living people.

In hoodoo/conjure, the spirits of the dead, especially the ancestors, are an important feature in the practice of hoodoo. The first altar one generally builds is to the ancestors. The spirits of the dead are there to guide us and protect us.  They give us information and advice for our lives.

Articles about Spirit Communication

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The Art of Automatic Writing

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Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters


Ascended Masters and Archangels


Hoodoo Spells 101: Working with Ancestors & the Dead (video)


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Spiritualist Open Circles
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