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How to Use a Ouija Board

By Tony Hanes | Submitted On July 28, 2008

Respect the Ouija? The first word I would use would be "respect". The Ouija Board should be considered much like a campfire; It can be a rewarding experience or could be very hazardous if used in a careless way. The most important question of all! Preparation is the KEY to the Ouija Board. You must set up and maintain a positive energetic environment so that you will only invite those entities who mean you no harm.

On the other side of the "spirit world" there are just as many types of people as their are here on the physical world. When you invite a communication with the spirit world in a silly or disrespectful way you are inviting basically any spirit to come inside your vibration. If you take the time to prepare for a purposeful session then you will likely draw those who are most in tune with your intention and also those who are like minded as you are. With out any doubt, you want to prepare yourself to be in a positive frame of mind, a position of self power and declare who you wish to invite.

Before each session release any fear that you may have, because fear will actually invite a scary experience. Think about your self confidence, assume a position of authority and declare something like this, "I surround myself with light, and the power of God. (imagine this also) I wish to communicate with someone who would like to communicate with me." (Don't ask for specific spirits by name, if there is someone you wish to speak with, they will eventually present themselves anyway) "You must have my best interest in heart and come through with love and light."

You may use your own variations of this of course, but the idea is to set a field of protection and state your intent to deal only with positive beings. Even doing this, one should still take any information gained with a grain of salt until information can be validated.

Respect the Ouija Board in the sense of its use, which is really not a game at all. It is a tool that can help you explore other dimensions of this huge world we live in. Look at it like this; In the physical world, criminals one way or another are attracted to each other. They may wind up in prison together, or they often times live together in the same neighborhoods. Like-energy attracts like-energy. Same in the spirit world! Most people when they cross over go into the light and simply move away from the earth frequency to do bigger and better things. However some, for one reason or another will stay in the earth frequency to be around past addictions or people. Of all the spirits still attracted to the earth frequency, there are what we would consider good and bad. Always take any information gained in the experience with a grain of salt. If you have attracted a reputable guide of sorts, then over time the information can be validated.

After each use of the Ouija Board, bless the board and say a small prayer or mantra.

Playing the Ouija Board; It is possible to use the Ouija Board as a single user. However, this takes practice and patience. Being only a single player, you have to build up an energy center that is much more than what is present with two or more people. Having said that, it is possible that on your first solo attempt that you may have full success; but if you don't just keep trying and it should begin to move for you.

As a single user, place the Ouija Board on your lap and find a comfortable position where you can rest just the finger tips of both hands on the planchette. Find your center and say your declaration of power and protection. Then ask for communication. Its possible the planchette could begin moving right away. If it doesn't, after a few moments restate your question. Be aware of any feelings you may have in your arms and hands. Be aware of any muscle twitches or spasms. Any feelings out of the ordinary are clues that the energy is working. As I've said, as a single player it may take more practice than using the board with two or more. Just be patient and keep practicing.

Two or more players; This is very similar to the single player method as stated above. However with two players only, place the board across the knees of each player, while each player faces each other in a comfortable chair. With more than two players, place the Ouija Board upon a table.

Use a tape recorder to call out the letters as they are spelled out as you will not be able to remember them all. Keep sessions under 30 minutes. If at anytime you feel any negative influences, state a mantra of some sort to bless the board and the players and put the board up for the day. Next time, spend more time in preparing to have a spiritually clean environment.

The more time you spend with the board, the better results you will obtain as with most things. If you keep your intentions clear and focused you may even be able to communicate with a wise being who can be very rewarding to your growth and knowledge. As I said, use respect. Take charge of the experience to set up the harmonious environment that you seek.

Tony Hanes


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tony_Hanes