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How to Contact the Dead

By Kris Brawn | Submitted On May 13, 2009

In many horror movies, contacting the dead is a pretty easy feat, since they do most of the contacting, especially when scaring he protagonists. In real life, just like other supernatral stuff, the task is a bit harder. Not everyone can communicate with the dead, so you'll have to do some research or consult people who are blessed with the ability. As a word of warning, contacting the dead has repercussions. You should be emotionally and mentally ready to experience things that you don't see or hear everyday.

The Ouija Board

The ouija board is the simplest way to communicate with the dead. To use it, a group of people are instructed to circle around the board. The medium then contacts the spirit of a dead relative from the spirit world while the rest concentrate on the spirit mentally. Everyone places his or her index fingers a little above the planchette. When the spirit arrives, people can ask "yes or no" questions, which the spirit answers by moving the planchette onto the Yes and No sections of the board. This is a popular method for communicating with the dead, but also dangerous. If the planchette tips over, many people believe that spirits, many of them evil, will escape.

Ask a Medium to Conduct a Ceremony

* Trance Mediumship - The medium, gifted with ESP, has the ability to contact spirits. In order to summon a dead relative or any spirit, a ceremony is sometimes necessary, in which a group of people is asked to concentrate and join hands. The spirit takes over the medium's body, giving everyone a chance to communicate for a limited time. After a few moments, the ghost leaves the medium's body and returns to the spirit world.

* Mental Mediumship - Mental mediumship is a less taxing job for the spirit medium. In this case, he or she will cross the spiritual plane mentally and talk to the spirit. You can ask questions, which will be answered by the medium, based on what the spirit told him or her.

* Summoning - The medium asks the group to concentrate on the dead loved one as everyone joins hands. He or she will then chant prayers, which transports the spirit at the center of the group. If you're lucky, you might see the spirit and communicate with it through the medium. However, you should know, summoning is pretty dangerous. The summoned spirit may be set loose on the physical plane, causing hauntings and other scary stuff, if the medium loses control.

Ask for referrals from the people you know before hiring a medium. Scammers will use exemplary acting skills to extort two hundred bucks from your group for every visit.

For a complete guide on communicating with the dead, Go To Monster Guide.

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