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Contact a Deceased Loved One Ritual

 You will need the following items for this ritual to contact a beloved deceased family member

a picture of your loved one
a white candle

Preferably, cast a circle of purification in your own tradition. This is just a way of setting sacred space to let the Universe, God, your Higher Power, or whomever to connect to, to let them know that you are about to enter the spiritual realm.

Light the candle and sit in a comfortable position. For as long as you see fit (usually 30-60 minutes for me), meditate on this loved one. Think of the fun times, the hard times, and remember them. Pay homage to their life and their accomplishments.

Hold the candle in your hands. Chant:

I feel the warmth of your body, the warmth of your soul. I hold you in my arms, my heart, and soul. Please join me, (insert name).

As you look at his/her picture, begin to feel the warmth of the candle envelop your hands. Feel the warmth climb up your arms, down your body, and cover your entire body. Sit, listen, and experience. Gradually, become focused on the candle flame. Become mesmerised by it. Relax into it. Let your mind go.  Images, thoughts, ideas, impressions will come. These are messages that you need to pay attention to.

You will likely smell them, or feel their energy. It is also possible to hear them, see them, or dream of them.  It's important to keep a record of these occurrances, so that you can go back and make sene of them. A dream may not make sense right away. Therefore, it's good to have a record of the dream and then make a record of any follow up thoughts or happenings or validations.



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