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Connecting With Spirit - How to Channel and Receive Spiritual Guidance

By Fay Hartwell | Submitted On July 24, 2010

Channeling is like most things in life, it can be learnt, is achievable and takes practice. The more you practice the better and clearer your connection with spirit becomes.

Learning about channeling and using it in your life can be a fantastic way to get to know more about yourself and the spirit realm. Our relationship with spirit can be developed and nurtured to an extent that it transforms our lives and relationships for the better. Through connecting with spirit we're healed.

"Spirit" is a term that refers to guides, loved ones that have passed over including family and friends, energies referred to as God, Buddha, Jesus, and many others. Connecting with spirit is linking with the non-physical element of our friends, family and spiritual teachers, and channelling is allowing them to communicate their wisdom with us.

Spirit can see the cosmic jigsaw puzzle that's our life and therefore knows the greater meaning of our lives, purpose and daily circumstances. This wisdom enables them to help us daily, living our lives, and to point us in the direction of new perspectives and opportunities that will enlighten us.

My first and favourite method for channeling is automatic writing. It can be the best way to learn and develop your relationship with spirit. By writing directly to spirit in the form of questions you're inviting them into your life. This is a loving, nurturing experience and provides great intuitive moments.

To start - sit somewhere you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably with some paper and a pen. Now breathe in and out deeply, holding the intention of connecting with your own centre. Let your mind and body relax, letting go of thought and feeling.

Before you can connect and begin to write you must have the mindset that allows the process to work for you. Decide what your intention is - this could be a question that you want an answer to, or some help you need with an issue, or support with a decision.

Write down what it is you want to know.

Now, when you receive a vision or thought, write down what you receive. It's important to just write. Thinking about what you've received blocks the connection. What you need to do is a bit like stepping out of the way and letting spirit come through and allowing them to speak you on paper.

Channeling is something you can do if you believe you can. I found channeling by chance because as a writer I was familiar with creating using words. Spirit uses my skill to frequently speak to me and you, as you read this through my writing.

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