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Communicating With Spirits By Raymond Buckland

Learn more about Mediumship, Spirit Communication, Spirit Guides, Trance states, Psychometry, Table Tipping, Levitation, Talking Boards, Automatic Writing, Spirit Photography, Healing, Development Circles, Development Exercises, and much more! The author gives a great overview of almost everything you can think of regarding communicating with spirits, and how to proceed with it. If you want to learn about the how and why of spirit communication, this is a really great book.

This book provides everyone who is seeking information a starting point that gives a good overview of what spirit communication is all about. If you are looking for a book that is detailed in every aspect of spirit communication you are really looking for multiple books that cover all of the little details. These books should contain the needed practice exercises that are necessary in order to learn to communicate with spirits. The author includes all the subjects involved in the various forms of spirit communication. Without a good understanding of the overall view of spirit communication, it is difficult to know where to begin. Too often new students tend to read material that is very detailed and specific, and they can easily get lost in the ideas or get frustrated. The most productive approach to learning spirit communication is to fully understand all of the pieces of the puzzle involved in it. The basics may seem trivial and simplistic, but they are necessary. By learning from the past experiences of others, we are better equipped to deal with our future endeavors. After you understand all of the basics ideas involved in spirit communication, then you can move on to those particular aspects of spirit communications that are of the most interest to you.

This books covers the following subjects:

  • Mediumship: Its beginnings, Information about channeling, The difference between mediumship and possession.
  • The World of Spirit: Things to expect from the spirit world. How spirits communicate to us. How spirits travel. What types of life forms exist in the spirit world. Negative or evil entities that exist in the spirit world. Our transition from this earthly existence to the spirit world.
  • History of Spiritualism: The people first involved with spiritualism. How spiritualism has evolved from its early beginnings.
  • Preparation for Mediumship: A self-analysis for reasons as to why you want to get involved in mediumship. The usage of affirmations to program yourself for a new image of yourself as a medium. The usage of meditation to connect with your higher self. Safeguards for your protection.
  • Difficulties of Spirit Communication: What challenges may be encountered when making a connection with the spirit world.
  • Spirit Guides: What spirit guides are all about. Information about your personal doorkeeper. How your spirit guides interact with you, and still allow free will in all of your choices.
  • Trance: Your brain wave frequencies and your trance state. Types of trance states. How to enter into a trance state. General overview of the best methods for trance development.
  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience: An explanation of the different ways to communicate with the spirit world. Exercises and ideas for the development of communicating with spirit.
  • Psychometry: General overview of how to utilize an object to make a connection to someone who is presently on this plain of existence, or someone in the spirit world.
  • Table Tipping and Levitation: General information about how table tipping has been done in the past. Examples of people who have given public demonstrations levitating themselves.
  • Talking Boards: A discussion of the usage of devices or boards that aid in the communication with spirits. Using common sense when using talking boards, what problems can occur by improper usage.
  • Automatic Writing: The different types of automatic writing. Many different types of messages can be received. A general guideline to get started.
  • Spirit Photography: Examples of pictures taken that show spirits in the photograph. How to take your own spirit photography.
  • Physical Mediums: Mediums who bring forth physical events such as levitation, rappings, move objects, etc.
  • Healing: Types of spiritual healing. How and why it works.
  • Development Circles: Ideas on what to look for when trying to find a development circle to join.
  • Channeling: The difference between channeling and mediumship. What can be accomplished with channeling.
  • Development Exercises: A brief overview of exercises that you can practice by yourself or with a group.
  • Spiritual Fraud: Tips for detecting spiritual fraud. Ideas that will greatly assist you in researching a development group.

This book is a great starting point for becoming familiar with the spirit world terminology. It includes cautions that should be heeded when getting involved in your own spiritual development. The author writes about the large variety of mediumship capabilities that exist. As you read this book, take in all of the information presented, and then decide what type of mediumship is of interest to you. After you have had time to think about all that this book presents, then you are ready to move on to books that are more detailed in specific ideas and training exercises.

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