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Hoodoo is an old and very American tradition of magic. It is also known as conjure. At www.hoodoo-conjure.com
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If  you are interested in using tarot for communicating with spirits and ancestors, you may  be interested in hoodoo-conjure.com's selection of spirit communication tarot spreads:

Spirit and Ancestor Tarot Spreads:

Connect with Your Angels and Spirits Tarot Spread
Elder of Fire Tarot Spread (An Ancestor Spread)
Path of the  Ancestors Spread (Communicating with your Ancestors)
Animal Guides --- Discovering your animal totems and guides
Contacting Spirit Guides Spread

Spirit Communication Tarot Spread
The Spirit Spread
Spirit Guide Spread

Channeled Afterlife Tarot Spread

Billet Reading

 A technique where questions are written on small pieces of paper, then folded up or sealed in an envelope and given to a psychic who attempts to answer the question with the help of paranormal powers of information from spirit guides. Unfortunately, since the paper is so small, it is easily manipulated by fake psychics. The small piece of paper is known as a “billet.”
source: http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/term/Billet+Reading

 Billet Reading in a Large Group
People in a large group write down a question on a 3 x 5 inch card that they would like to have answered by a psychic. The papers are placed in a container or sealed up in an envelope. The psychic medium draws one of them.  The medium then proceeds to answer the question written on the card. After answering the question, the psychic reveals as much information as they can access for the person whose paper was drawn. The person who wrote the question then reveals if the answer was correct. There are gifted psychics  who have the ability to know things without actually seeing or touching them, are able to do this. Sometimes they channel or access their spirit guides to tell them what the question is or to provide information to answer the question.

Billet Reading in a Small Group
A small group of four  or more people who are interested in developing their psychic skills may wish to practice billet reading together. Every member of the group writes a message on a small piece of paper with this method. After the pieces are folded and placed in a bowl, each member takes one. Without looking at the paper, each person takes a turn concentrating and trying to interpret the words on the paper. An in-person psychic reading is an excellent method to learn how to develop your psychic gifts and  intuitive ability so that you will eventually be able to do this as well. With some practice, most people are able to divine at least part of the message during a session of billet reading.

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