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The Art of Automatic Writing

By Wayne Hatford | Submitted On June 29, 2011

So that an automatic writing session may be accomplished, it is first necessary to establish an etheric link. The actual mechanics are fairly straightforward, mostly involving creating the time and space for it to occur. To that end, I have designed a ritual whose purpose is to clear the air vibrationally, anchor myself in the moment and call forth the necessary guides and technicians, those on the Other Side who can help to effect communication. Yes, this is one time when it does take more than two to tango! We, meaning the scribe and the soul essence in question, need helpers, those who hold the 'wires' and plug us in, much like telephone operators once did in the early 20th century.

During each session the power resides at the point of my pen as there is a force present, separate from my own, that is moving it. Of course, I am also involved but have set aside some of my own energy in order to allow the entity I am channeling to come through. At certain times the writing is very fast-paced. At others, it's slow and deliberate. I may hear the words in my head as I write or I may not. However, all that does not matter.

What is important is that I'm able to get out of the way to a certain extent so that communication can take place. In fact, I am in a partial trance, my "NOW" focused solely on what is before me. Time seems to disappear, folding into itself. I do not consciously know what I have written until later when I transcribe it. Very little editing is required. What comes through, therefore, is exactly what wants and/or needs to at that particular moment.

Interestingly, a rather unique phenomenon occurs each time I do this work. I yawn once going in, which is to say at the beginning of the invocation/clearing process, also upon coming out of the experience, while re-grounding. I interpret this as a physical manifestation of the joining of forces necessary to make such an event take place. There's always a certain amount of merging going on in any channeling work which requires a great deal of trust, on both parts. The yawns are just a device, to let me know exactly when the merge begins and ends, analogous to a barometer. Let me assure you, they have nothing to do with feeling tired or bored. In fact, just the opposite is true; I am always fully alert when I channel, perhaps even more so than at other times in my waking life!

Automatic writing should never be done for a lark. If you are inclined to pursue it, make sure you have good reasons for doing so, for example, your own or other people's edification and evolution. That said, there are also a couple of other cautionary notes that I would like to sound. First, make sure you cleanse the room vibrationally before you begin. Second, it's important to see yourself grounded, and 'in the Light.' Only then may you call forth the essence of the individual you want to communicate with and ask them to be present. Best if they sign in too; it's always good to confirm who, exactly, is speaking to you. Actually from my point of view it is mandatory!

Here is how the phenomenon of automatic writing was explained to me by someone in spirit. "To effect this means of communication, we on this side first have to find and then wrestle with a ripple in the space and time continuum. Once achieved, we pass the energy through the Veil and down a focus chute, working as a unit. All this must occur sequentially as well as concurrently in order for my thoughts to be able to connect with the tip of the pen in your hand. The energy used to channel is like tension in a wound-up clock spring, completely available until all of a sudden there's no more torque. As a result, every automatic writing session has a shelf life, able to last for only a certain amount of time."

Wayne Hatford is a teacher, writer, editor and author dedicated to bridging the gap between the physical and non-physical worlds. A life-long student of metaphysics and transformation whose previous book, Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane was also channeled, Wayne speaks French, Spanish and Italian, the same languages in which Rudolph Valentino himself was conversant. To learn more, please visit: http://www.valentinospeaks.com

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