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5 Simple Steps to Begin Automatic Writing

By Melissa Kitto | Submitted On May 03, 2013

Automatic writing (the ability to receive messages from your angels through written messages) is a skill that anyone can develop. It can be an incredibly powerful tool for receiving clear messages from your Angels. Often, after an automatic writing session I look back on what I have written and say "Wow! I know those words did not come from me!" The messages will reflect the personality of your guides as they come through. If you are searching for answers or guidance on a particularly challenging situation, or just for your life in general - try automatic writing.

When you do automatic writing you are developing your Feeling Gift. Your Feeling Gift is skilled at working with your hands. For those of you that are strong in the gift of Feeling automatic writing will come more naturally to you. But ANYONE can do this! Each time you practice you will have a new and deeper experience. Just go with whatever happens. Don't allow the analyzing, dissecting part of you to judge - just do!

Step 1: Get clear and relaxed

It's important to be in a quiet space by yourself so you can tune in to guidance without distractions. I also like to have an attractive journal that I dedicate to my spiritual meditations. Move yourself to the environment that helps you feel most relaxed and balanced within. You may have a special chair that relaxes you, or perhaps you prefer to be outside in nature. Once you are situated, take time to breathe in deeply and relax. Tune out the busyness of your everyday life and look within. Do the Spiritual Cleansing technique if you've learned it. This technique relaxes you instantly.

Step 2: Tune in to your Angels

If you have done the spiritual cleansing technique, you're already tuned in. This technique raises your energy vibration to the same high level as your guides. You can also ask them to come close to you by simply saying mentally "Angels, come close to me"

Step 3: Ask what you would like to know

Tell your angels what you would like help with. Make sure you actually say those words in your mind, and don't just assume they know what you want already. Be very clear because your guides will take you extremely literally! You may have a challenging situation that you are dealing with that you'd like some help with. Perhaps you'd like some guidance on how to best help your teenage son who is struggling in school. Or, you'd like to know how to improve your marriage, or get the promotion you desire at work. Tell your angels very specifically and clearly "I'd like your suggestions about xyz" Or perhaps, there's not a specific situation that you're dealing with and you'd just like a general message. Say "Angels, I'd like to receive a message to help me with my life. Tell me what you'd like me to know at this time."

Step 4: Start writing

Pick up your pen and write whatever comes to you! It's important not to analyze, dissect or judge anything that comes through. You may notice that your hand is moving on it's own without you having to think about it. Or you may have thoughts pop into your mind that you very quickly write. The key is to go with whatever happens without holding yourself back!

Step 5: Read and interpret the message

When you have the feeling that the message is complete, stop writing and go back and read what you wrote. Notice the feelings the message inspires in you. Take some time to meditate on what it means to you. You will probably get many additional ideas and insights about how to use this information in a practical way. If you'd like to, please email us the messages you receive from your angels! We'd love to share them in our newsletter.

Practice, practice, practice! The more you use this automatic writing technique the smoother it will become for you. You have the ability to access the wisdom of your team of master souls at any time. Automatic writing is one of the most fun and inspiring ways to do so. Your angels are just waiting to talk to you!

Melissa Kitto and Richard Lassiter are co-founders of Angel Guidance Coaching serving spiritual searchers who desire tools to use their psychic abilities, communicate with angels and springboard themselves to a truly fulfilling life! Go to http://www.CommunicateWithAngels.com for your FREE Report: 3 Secrets to Angel Communication.
Copyright 2013, Balanced Living Institute, LLC

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