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 After Death Communication - It's Never Too Late To Mend A Relationship by Faye Schindelka
in Spirituality / Metaphysical (submitted 2010-11-29)

After death communication with our deceased loved ones can provide the ultimate form of emotional healing. Broken relationships and rifts between hearts can be healed and mended through afterlife contact. Many mourn the loss of a loved one who has passed deeper than ever when the relationship was fraught with difficulty or the deceased passed before amends could be made.

In my experience, there is never a better time to mend a relationship than following the death of our loved ones. Never before have they been in the position of having their heart so wide open or their energy in such an expanded state. From their position in the afterlife, our deceased loved ones are in the perfect place to receive our loving energy and positive intentions and to forgive even what we may perceive to be unforgivable.

Through my own after death communication with my brother, following his unexpected death in 2005, I've learned that the afterlife dimension facilitates a level of expanded awareness that creates an energy of complete acceptance, love and peace. From this position our deceased loved ones are ready, eager and able to engage in after death communication and dissolve and forgive all past hurts, previously perceived transgressions and conflicts with those whom they held relationships with while physically alive. The vibration of the realm they exist in is simply incompatible with the lower emotions of jealousy, anger and sorrow. From their new-found position of expanded awareness, the recently deceased shed their attachments to earthly pettiness and emotions of a lower nature and thus the perspectives they held while physically based, become completely transformed. They quite literally become the light of healing, love and forgiveness.

So many times, I've watched as family and friends become overcome with grief and regret over loved ones who have passed before relationships could be healed or before the 'important' things could be said. My advice to them is always this; Everything that you wanted to say can be said now and because your loved one now resides in an environment where his/her heart is open wide, everything that you convey will be received in precisely the manner you are intending. You need not even use words. The content of your heart and mind are already known and understood completely.

Meditation provides a perfect avenue for such an exchange of energy of to take place. When we enter into the state of meditation we raise our vibration and thus become compatible with the energy that our deceased loved ones reside in. From this place, we can engage in after death communication, conversation and telepathic transfer of heart/mind energy with the deceased. While it has been my experience that the deceased are always ready and able to hear us and receive our energy, those of us residing in the physical realm must generally increase our energetic vibration if we want to clearly engage in and receive these after death communications.

The following mediation can serve as a bridge between you and your deceased loved one.

Sit or lie down, whatever you find most comfortable. Begin by focusing upon your breath. Breathe deeply and count each breath as you inhale and exhale. If you catch your mind wandering away from the task at hand, simply observe this occurring without judgment and gently redirect your thought back to your breathing.

Do this as long as it takes to feel deeply relaxed. Once you can feel that your body is completely free from tension and your mind is relatively quiet and free from random thoughts, bring an image of your deceased loved one to mind. For those who have trouble with visualization, it does not matter whether or not you create a clear, visual picture within your mind, however what is important is that you create and focus upon the essence of your loved one. I know when I visualize my brother, the picture I create is definitely part visual, however the majority of my focus is upon the essence of my brother as I knew him to be. I involve all of my senses. I hear him, see him and mostly I feel the unique energy of him and how his being affected me while he was alive.

Next, allow the love you feel for this person to build within your heart and emanate outwards. Allow it to completely fill your entire being, one deep, complete breath at a time. At this point, you may become emotional and/or teary or you may not. If so, simply allow this to occur and allow the emotions to build naturally.

With this feeling of high emotion and love emanating from and circling around you, begin to focus upon the love emanating from the deceased. I personally find that as I begin to do this, my vision of my brother immediately becomes infused with light that expands outward as I begin to receive his loving energy. Your experience may be different. It is most important to focus upon the feelings and emotions that are being created within you as you emanate your own loving energy and feel the loving energy of the deceased flowing outwards from them and into your own heart. Receive the loving energy being emanated from the spirit of the deceased and allow it to merge with your own.

When this connection has been made, a beautiful energy will wash over you. I personally experience this connection as shivers running up and down my body and profound emotions of well-being, love and joy. Allow your own experience to be whatever it will be. At this time, if there is anything specific you would like to convey to your deceased loved ones, go ahead and communicate this. You may speak out loud or telepathically convey your words. Remain silent following your own words and open yourself to the message of your loved one. I have personally had conversations with my brother through using this technique that have gone on for fifteen minutes or more. The after-effects of such an exchange cannot be adequately described. For me personally, this type of after death communication made the difference between me becoming lost in grief over the death of my brother and accepting his passing with a certain level of peace and even joy.

After death communication makes it possible to create a bridge from our hearts to the hearts of our loved ones, from the physical realm to the afterlife. It is never too late to heal a heart or to reconnect with those with whom we share a bond of love.

About the Author
Faye Schindelka is the author of "Poppies From Heaven and Other Signs From the Hereafter," a personal story detailing the after death communication she shared with her brother, Murray, following his death in 2005. This story will serve for many as powerful proof of life after death. The experiences Faye shares within this story range from telepathic communication with her brother to varied and numerous stunning signs and synchronicity that leave the reader at a loss to arrive at any other explanation other than that life after death and afterlife communication with the deceased is in fact a reality.