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Spirit Circles in the Spiritualist Church Tradition are spiritual development circles in order to train and teach  contact with the loving benevolent energies of the universe that lie within and beyond our awareness of the physical world that our souls have chosen to experience.   A Spirit Circle can help you become aware of some of the other dimensions of higher vibrational experience, so you may grow spiritually as you have these spiritual adventures.  These are not "message circles", though you may give and/or receive  messages from others in the circle, including your guides, guardian angels or the spirit guides of certain natural domains.  The main goal is to help you empower you to your own  spiritual self as you discover your own personal response abilities that accompany with the exercise of your personal "gifts of the spirit".

The best way to describe a spirit circle is a group sitting of those wishing to go above or beyond the limitations of the physical world in order to connect with higher knowledge, spiritual wisdom, spirit, entities in spirit such as loved ones, angels or masters ... or any of the Creative Forces of Deity.   Though you may have heard the word "séance" attributed to these activities, in truth there is nothing to be afraid of but the fears within your own imagination, subconscious programming and the fears of others.  As we increase our light in knowledge, wisdom and love, we overcome all fears.

Spirit circles are popular with those who are experienced with spiritual "sittings", "channelings" and "readings" for different reasons.  Though many of these people just enjoy the company and the energies, our circle is a "working circle" where everybody participates.


   These circles are like a class in school, where you learn and practice.  All must participate.
   Leave your troubles, fears and prejudices at the door step.
   Then enter with an inquisitive mind, a loving, open heart and self confidence .  Remember there is no fear where love abounds.
  All these prerequisites are necessary for those who want to explore beyond the boundaries of earth, body and the logical mind that we seem to use to define and thus limit our possibilities in this physical environment.  For those with a spirit of adventure, who want to venture into other realms, you may then become aware of any of the many dimensions that exist within and beyond our imagined physical confines.  Freedom of the heart and mind gives a freedom that transcends our perceived physical limitations and peace beyond all understanding!

Circle Size:
The optimum number is between three to twelve people (or sitters.)  Though we have a Maximum of 12 people, w
e usually have between 4 to 8 people present at each spirit energy circle.

Timing:  These practice sessions usuallylast about 1-1/2 hours.  

We open each circle by asking for our angels, spirit guides and loved ones to be present as we sit in semidarkness, seeking to find our light within.  We than have a short "lesson" followed by a group meditation to get everybody relaxed, open and  "attuned" on similar wavelengths, to establish a vortex of spiritual energy.  We hold these circles in order for participants to learn more about and practice their own Spiritual Awareness and develop personal Psychic or Channeling Abilities (personal response abilities).  Our circles concentrate primarily on giving and receiving impressions and messages to pass on from the spirit world as we attune with our higher selves, angels, spirit guides and loved ones. The results may be somewhat like a mini psychic reading but usually without all the personal details that may be given in a private session. To somewhat reduce this likelihood, we often engage in giving and receiving Billeted Messages, so that personal anonymity is preserved, though since these are practice sessions,  we also usually discuss each "reading" afterwards to assess its relevancy and accuracy.

Each person gets a short message and may give a message to another participant as they practice their personal connections with spiritual realms.   

Prior to closing our circle, we conduct a short Healing Circle and then thank our spiritual contacts and connections for being there and invite them to revitalize our spiritual connections and communion in two weeks.

While when two or more persons are gathered, "There you may meet with the I Am ".   Each spirit circle, séance, or energy circle is focused in an attempt to reach across and beyond the perceived barriers of time, space, life and death.  So, those who strongly disbelieve in anything beyond pure physical phenomenon or don't have open minds are therefore not good participants and are strongly discouraged from participating.

A generally accepted belief is that a disbeliever sitting in the séance or spirit circle will not bring the desired spirit contacts.  Thus, those who laugh at the notion of spirit communication are naturally discouraged from sitting in a circle.

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