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3 Ways Mediums CommunicateWith the Dead
By Danny Fredricks | Submitted On July 15, 2012

Method #1: Symbolic Communication

One of the most common ways a medium gets information from the other side is through the use of symbols. Interestingly though, and sometimes a bit controversially, the symbols are USUALLY most meaningful to the medium, and not necessarily the spirit. In other words? Many mediums will see signs that are symbolic of thoughts, things or ideas that are important to the medium, and then they will extrapolate out what that means to the client, or caller or "customer."

Some of the most famous mediums in the world use some variation of the symbolic communication technique and never really "see" or even "hear" spirits at all. (it's also the one method I personally do NOT prefer when speaking to a psychic or medium, for that reason alone)

Method #2: Clairaudient or Clairsentient Communication

Many mediums will HEAR the voices, or feel the vibration or energy of the spirits that are coming to and through during the reading. This is very common as well, as quite often, can lead to some really incredible insights and evidential information. Some mediums can hear accents and voice inflection and others can also feel attitude... or energetic vibration that makes up the personality as well. I've had all sorts of crazy, cool and inspiring experiences with mediums who don't really "see" anything, but will hear and sense spirit in incredibly vivid detail, and describe what they see in a way that you KNOW is exactly how your loved one was in life... and continues to be, even on the other side!

Method #3: Mediums Who (Quite Literally) SEE Spirits

About 30% of mediums actually SEE, or have the visual experience of spirit. They often see what the spirit WANTS them to see... and you'll often hear a medium describe someone who has passed at a previous, happy or healthier point in their lives. This is especially significant when someone dies after a long illness, or from a violent crime, or after a long period of addiction, depression or life challenge. How so? Because many mediums who SEE spirits tell us that these personalities want to communicate that they are at a much happier or healthier stage and state of existence where they are today, and want to appear as they did when they WERE, in this life as well.

The bottom line?

A good experience with a genuine medium CAN change in your life in amazing ways, and the 3 abilities above a great place to begin for getting EVIDENCE and personal proof that life does NOT end with death at all. (it may be the beginning of the next adventure instead!)

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