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A Holy Water Ritual (Part I)

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I. Ingredients Needed:

1-1/2 cups of spring, well, river, creek, tap or distilled (both as a last resort) water
1 sterilized glass measuring cup (for dispensing the completed Holy Water later)
1 or more small sterilized glass storage bottles
3 tbsp. Kosher rock salt or sea salt
1 sterilized earthenware vessel (bowl)
1 sterilized earthenware pot
1 sterilized tablespoon
1 sterilized teaspoon
2 tsp. of Rose Water
1 small moon mirror (for reflecting the moonlight upon the water if the Full Moon is not in an optimal position especially if working indoors or for scrying)

Note A:

Holy Water can be prepared by anyone but it does need to be blessed. Traditionally in many religions and spiritual practices, Holy Water has been and can be blessed by a Witch, Clergy, Priest, Priestess, Shaman, or someone with spiritual wherewithal and then energized by the light of the Full Moon and the Moon Goddess. The ritual part of this endeavor varies.

Making Rose Water can be a bit tedious as well as time consuming; so it is suggested or optional that you obtain some from someone you know, temple or church, or purchase some from a metaphysical shoppe that actually makes its own Rose Water from natural, organic ingredients starting with white roses.

For the best results, it is preferable to get spring water from a "clean" moving body of water such as a river, stream, ocean, or creek; lake or natural well water will do just fine also. Since many natural bodies of water are so polluted, it is suggested that the water is boiled at first.

Note B:

The storage bottle or bottles you use should be dark in color--blue, brown, green, purple, or clear (as a last resort) to maintain the Holy Water's magical properties. The bottled Holy Water can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated for later use.

Note C:

If you are unable to perform the consecration of the water outdoors, then improvise and perform this indoors at your altar or someplace you deem sacred; place the vessel of or decanted bottled water in a window where the midnight moonlight will shine upon and energize it.

II. Time & Place of Day:

Preferably, outdoors at Midnight during a Full Moon or indoors at your altar if you are unable to be out of doors.

III. Preparation:

1. Cleanse and sterilize the vessel, glass measuring cup, and storage bottles with boiling water or in a dishwasher.

2. Add 3 tbsp. sea salt or Kosher rock salt to the pot of 1-1/2 cups of spring water; bring to a boil while stirring the salt until it dissolves in the water.

3. ALLOW THE LIQUID TO COOL DOWN TO ROOM TEMPERATURE then add 2 tsp. of Rose Water, stirring it into the salted water.

4. Decant the Holy Water into the vessel then perform your ritual.

Dr. Sahure is a practicing Alternative Spiritualist, ordained Kemetic Wiccan minister and Spiritual Counselor, traditional herbalist, senior researcher with the Antiquus Research Group and the author of many noteworthy essays and articles about a variety of topics and subjects, including herbalism, ancient history and mythology, ancient Egyptian religion (Kemeticism), metaphysical sciences, ancient religions and theology, astrology, tarot, and other divination systems. Dr. Sahure holds doctorate degrees in Metaphysical Science (Msc.D., D.Met.), Theology (Th.D.), and Divinity (D.D.). Visit his Applied Occult Metaphysics eGroup at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Applied_Occult_Metaphysics and his online Mystic Owl Curio shoppe at [http://www.mysticowlcurio.com]

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