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Hoodoo Conjure Recipes and Formulas

Hoodoo Oil Recipe: Follow Me Boy!

How to make Follow Me Boy Oil

How to use Follow me Boy!

Follow Me Boy is not an attraction oil, it’s not a love oil, it is a commanding oil. Follow Me Boy oil was used by prostitutes to attract their clients.

Use this oil to empower your commanding powers

50ml of sweet almond oil.
two teaspoons each of sweet flag, licorice, catnip and damiana. (use the dried herbs rather than the EO)
three drops of vetiver oil

store it in a dark but warm place. At least once a day shake the jar. Pray your commanding/compelling prayer over the jar when you shake it.

After 30 days, open the jar and strain the oil in a bottle and through away the botanicals. You should have about 30 ml of Follow Me Boy oil.